10 unknown freedom fighters of india


Matangini Hazra

Known as "Gandhi Buri," she participated in the Indian independence movement and was shot dead by the British during a protest.


Batukeshwar Dutt

He was a revolutionary who, along with Bhagat Singh, exploded a bomb in the Central Legislative Assembly in Delhi to protest against repressive laws.


Kanaklata Barua

A young freedom fighter from Assam, she was shot dead by the British while leading a procession against British rule.


Alluri Sitarama Raju

He led the Rampa Rebellion against the British in the tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh.


Vasudev Balwant Phadke

He was one of the first leaders to start armed struggle against the British in India.

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Matmur Jamoh

A tribal leader from Assam, he led a revolt against British rule in the early 20th century.


U Tirot Sing

A Khasi chief who fought against British colonialism in the hills of Meghalaya.


Birsa Munda

A tribal freedom fighter who led the Munda Rebellion against British rule in Jharkhand.


Bhikaji Cama

She was a prominent figure in the Indian independence movement and is known for designing the first version of the Indian national flag.


Potti Sreeramulu

He sacrificed his life during a hunger strike, demanding the creation of a separate state for Telugu-speaking people, which led to the formation of Andhra Pradesh.


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