12 Important Current Affairs For 15th January 2024

The Indian Armed Forces are instituting a novel policy to afford certain officers an extended tenure within their specialized domains.


The Himalayan Wolf, scientifically recognized as Canis lupus chanco, stands as a conspicuous lupine predator traversing the expanse of the Himalayan region.


The government of Jharkhand has officially declared 158 blocks spanning 17 districts as drought-ridden, following subpar precipitation, adversely affecting nearly 1.5 million agriculturists.


Operation Amrith (Antimicrobial Resistance Intervention For Total Health), recently inaugurated by the Drug Control Department of Kerala, is a concerted effort to curtail the indiscriminate use of antibiotics within the state.


In a significant effort toward modernization and operational efficacy, the Indian Armed Forces have designated the year 2024 as the "Year of Technology Absorption."


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The Maharashtra State Government has recently announced the establishment of a novel Conservation Reserve in the Atpadi region of Sangli district, named as the 'Atpadi Conservation Reserve.'


According to the 2023 Global Water Monitor report, more than 77 nations have weathered their most elevated mean annual temperatures in the past 45 years.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi undertook a recent sojourn to the venerable Kalaram Mandir in the sacred temple town of Nashik, situated in the state of Maharashtra.


The latest governmental pronouncement reveals a noteworthy oil discovery in the Krishna-Godavari Basin, as declared by the Indian administration.


Commencing with exuberance, the three-day International Camel Festival unfolded in the culturally opulent district of Bikaner, Rajasthan.


During the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, the New Development Bank (NDB) headquartered in Shanghai formalized an agreement, committing a substantial $500 million loan to the government of Gujarat.


Attaining a momentous milestone, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) achieved a successful flight test of the New Generation AKASH (AKASH-NG) missile.