12 Important Current Affairs For 24th January 2024

Cameroon is gearing up to launch a groundbreaking malaria vaccine initiative on January 22nd, aiming to cover 250,000 children over the course of two years.


In a notable policy shift, Canada will limit the issuance of study permits for new international students to 360,000 during the upcoming academic year starting on September 1st, 2024.


The BCCI Awards ceremony, held on January 23, 2024, in Hyderabad, celebrated outstanding Indian cricketers across both domestic and international cricket formats.


The Indian Government has introduced amendments to the mineral auction rules through the Mineral (Auction) Amendment Rules, 2024.


In a recent act of humanitarian aid, India has dispatched 40,000 liters of Malathion pesticide to Afghanistan through Iran's Chabahar port. This eco-friendly insecticide aims to assist Afghanistan in combating locust swarms threatening agricultural production.


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The Central Government has launched the 'Anuvadini' app, an Artificial Intelligence-driven platform providing digital study materials in various Indian languages.


YES BANK has achieved a milestone by executing the inaugural export finance transaction on RXIL Global IFSC Limited's International Trade Financing Services Platform (ITFS).


WHO has granted malaria-free certification to 43 countries and one territory, showcasing progress in the global battle against malaria.


Operation Prosperity Guardian involves more than 20 countries deploying naval forces to ensure the safety of shipping in the Red Sea.


Before being presented in Parliament, the draft budget undergoes a thorough review and approval process by the Cabinet.


Japan has achieved a significant milestone in space exploration by becoming the fifth country to successfully execute a soft landing of a spacecraft on the Moon.


The UK takes center stage as the theme country for this year's book fair.