12 Important Facts About Republic Day Of India

Republic Day is celebrated annually on January 26th. It commemorates the day in 1950 when the Constitution of India came into effect, officially making India a sovereign, democratic, and republic nation.


Date and Significance:

On January 26, 1950, the Indian Constitution, drafted by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and his committee, was adopted, replacing the Government of India Act (1935).


Constitution Adoption:

Every year, a notable foreign dignitary is invited as the chief guest for the Republic Day parade in New Delhi. This tradition symbolizes India's diplomatic ties with other nations.


Chief Guest at the Parade:

The main Republic Day celebration takes place at Rajpath in the national capital, New Delhi. The event includes a grand military parade, cultural displays, and the display of India's military strength.


Grand Parade in New Delhi:

The President of India takes the salute during the parade, and the event is attended by other dignitaries, including the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and foreign guests.


President's Presence:

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The Republic Day parade showcases the diversity of India through various segments, including state-wise tableaux, cultural performances, and displays by the Indian Armed Forces.


Republic Day Parade Highlights:

The unfurling of the national flag by the President at the main celebration in Delhi is a moment of great significance. The national anthem is played, and a 21-gun salute follows.


Raising the National Flag:

The celebrations continue with the Beating Retreat ceremony held on January 29th at Vijay Chowk. It marks the official end of the Republic Day festivities and is performed by the three wings of the military.


Beating Retreat Ceremony:

Republic Day is also the occasion when the Indian government announces the prestigious Padma Awards, recognizing exceptional contributions in various fields.


Padma Awards Announcement:

On Republic Day, the National Bravery Awards are presented to children who have displayed exceptional courage and bravery.


Child Bravery Awards:

Educational institutions across the country celebrate Republic Day with flag hoisting ceremonies, cultural events, and patriotic activities.


Participation of Schools and Colleges:

Republic Day is a national holiday in India, and government offices, schools, and many businesses remain closed. It allows people to participate in the celebrations and reflect on the significance of the day.


Public Holiday:


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