Stone Age Tools and Weapons Names


Flint Spear

Crafted with precision, the flint spear was the hunter's trusted companion. Its sharp tip pierced through the toughest hides, ensuring a successful hunt.


Obsidian Dagger

With its razor-sharp edge, the obsidian dagger was a deadly weapon in close combat. Its swift strikes struck fear into the hearts of adversaries.


Bone Club

Fashioned from the remains of mighty beasts, the bone club was a symbol of strength and prowess. Its blunt force could crush bone and break spirits.


Wooden Bow

A marvel of ingenuity, the wooden bow revolutionized hunting. With skilled hands, hunters could strike from afar, bringing down prey with deadly accuracy.


Stone Axe

The stone axe was the cornerstone of early civilization. From chopping wood to defending against predators, its versatility knew no bounds.

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Thorn Sling

Woven from natural fibers, the thorn sling was a simple yet effective weapon. Its projectiles whistled through the air, striking with unexpected force.


Bone Spear Thrower

Enhancing the reach and power of the spear, the bone spear thrower was a game-changer in hunting strategies. It propelled projectiles with incredible speed and precision.


Antler Pickaxe

For the early miners and craftsmen, the antler pickaxe was indispensable. Its sturdy design made it ideal for extracting valuable resources from the earth.


Rock Hammer

Whether shaping tools or building shelters, the rock hammer was a vital tool for survival. Its blunt force could reshape the world around them.


Firestarter Flint

Harnessing the power of fire was a pivotal moment in human history. The firestarter flint ignited flames that provided warmth, protection, and the means for cooking.


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