The Top Ten oldest civilization in the world


The Mesopotamian Civilization (circa 3500 BCE)

Situated within the confines of modern-day Iraq, acknowledged as among the earliest cradles of civilization.


The Egyptian Civilization (circa 3100 BCE)

Thrived along the banks of the Nile River, celebrated for its grandiose architectural feats, intricate hieroglyphic script, and sophisticated cultural milieu.


The Indus Valley Civilization (circa 3300 BCE)

Flourished in contemporary Pakistan and northwestern India, distinguished by its meticulous urban design, advanced drainage infrastructure, and expansive commercial networks.


The Chinese Civilization (circa 2100 BCE)

Originating along the Yellow River, marked by key advancements like writing, bronze, Confucianism, and Taoism.


The Mesoamerican Civilizations (circa 2000 BCE)

Encompassing the Olmec, Maya, Aztec, and other societies, revered for their progressive agricultural techniques, imposing architectural marvels, and intricate calendrical systems.

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The Ancient Greek Civilization (circa 1200 BCE)

Birthplace of democratic governance, philosophical inquiry, and classical artistic expression, with enduring contributions spanning fields as diverse as literature, mathematics, and natural philosophy.


The Ancient Persian Civilization (circa 550 BCE)

Centred in present-day Iran, renowned for its expansive territorial dominion, impressive infrastructural undertakings, and enduring contributions to the realms of art, literature, and bureaucratic governance.


The Roman Civilization (circa 753 BCE)

Established within the confines of contemporary Italy, esteemed for its sophisticated legal framework, groundbreaking engineering achievements, and propagation of the Christian faith.


The Ancient Indian Civilization (circa 1500 BCE)

Flourished across the Indian subcontinent, marked by seminal advancements in disciplines ranging from mathematics and astronomy to metaphysical speculation.


The Ancient Mayan Civilization (circa 2000 BCE)

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