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Current Affairs

18 Dec 2023

India's coal demand is set to grow by 3.5%, reshaping the nation's energy landscape.


The Ministry of Defence signs a massive Rs 5336 crore contract with BEL for electronic fuzes, elevating defense capabilities.


The Postal Department unveils a commemorative stamp, celebrating 150 years of Rio Tinto's impactful legacy.


African scientist Abdoulaye Diabate earns the 2023 Falling Walls Prize for pioneering malaria research using gene drive technology.


A tragic incident claims three lives during repairs on the ancient walls of Kairouan, Tunisia—a UNESCO World Heritage site.


India achieves a historic milestone by showcasing the Akash surface-to-air weapon system's capability to engage four targets simultaneously.


Ongoing conflict in Ukraine poses a serious threat to the survival of the wisent, the European wood bison, last remnant of megafauna in Europe.


A recent study emphasizes the critical need to minimize air pollutant exposure during pregnancy to reduce risks of preterm birth and low birth weight.


Kuwait mourns as Emir Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah passes away at 86, announced on state television.


India takes a significant stride in developing stealth unmanned combat aerial vehicles with a successful flight trial in Karnataka.


The Manipur Cabinet approves the establishment of Manipur State Beverages Corporation Limited, ending a 30-year prohibition.


India's upcoming data protection rules aim to use Aadhaar for age verification, ensuring secure access to online services and obtaining parental consent for children.


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