10 Rig Veda Facts (UPSC Notes)


Rig Veda Overview

Rig Veda is a very old and important book in Hinduism. It has many hymns (like poems) in an ancient language called Vedic Sanskrit.


Divided into Ten Books

Rig Veda is divided into ten parts called Mandalas. Each part has hymns about different things like gods and life.


Very Old Text

Rig Veda is the oldest known text in a language that is related to many languages spoken in Europe and Asia.


Who Wrote It

People from different families wrote the hymns. Some hymns were written by the Angiras family and some by the Kanva family.


Used in Rituals

Many of the hymns are still used as prayers in Hindu rituals.

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Teaches about Life

Rig Veda tells us about how the world began, the gods, and how to live a good life.


Important Gods

The book talks a lot about gods like Indra, Varuna, Agni, Surya, and Rudra, who is the early form of Lord Shiva.


Famous Mantra

The Gayatri mantra, which is very famous, is also in Rig Veda.


Talks about Society

Rig Veda also talks about society, like how it was divided into different groups and some other beliefs.


Still Studied Today

Even though it is very old, people still study and respect Rig Veda for its teachings and history.


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