12 Important Current Affairs For 25th January 2024

Cameroon is poised to commence a groundbreaking malaria vaccination initiative on January 22nd, catering to 250,000 children over a span of two years.


French President Macron is scheduled to arrive in India today, with a detailed itinerary outlining his activities.


Regulatory authorities in the United States have sanctioned an intricate inspection framework, facilitating the return to service of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, previously grounded following an emergency landing earlier this month.


Houthis, supported by Iran, launched three anti-ship ballistic missiles at the US Ship Maersk Detroit while traversing the Gulf of Aden on Wednesday.


Microsoft, on Wednesday, joined Apple in the league of three trillion-dollar companies, showcasing the success of its substantial investment in artificial intelligence, earning accolades from Wall Street.


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The United Nations' preeminent court declared its intent to deliver a highly anticipated landmark verdict on Friday, pertaining to the case against Israel for alleged genocide in Gaza.


The Republic Day parade tableau of the northeast state will feature a distinctive market in Manipur, where exclusively female traders engage in commerce.


On Wednesday, NATO initiated its most extensive military exercise since the Cold War, with a US warship departing from the United States for a journey across the Atlantic to alliance territories in Europe.


Prasanna B Varale, Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court, has been elevated to the Supreme Court, with the swearing-in ceremony scheduled for tomorrow, as per sources.


Jwala, the Namibian cheetah, has given birth to four cubs at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh.


During his visit to Goa on February 6, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate and lay the foundation stones for various projects.


The Sri Lankan Parliament approved the controversial Online Safety Bill with amendments, aimed at regulating online content amid opposition criticism claiming it would curtail freedom of speech.