Today’s Current Affairs MCQs/ GK Quiz 1st December 2023

These current affairs today are a part of our daily current affairs. We cover a wide range of topics from state, national, and international news that are relevant and important for competitive exams. Our team prepares today’s current affairs after going through many newspapers, such as The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, PRS, etc.

Scroll down for current affairs for 1st December 2023.

Major Milestone for Bharat Coking Coal Ltd:

  • Bharat Coking Coal Limited, part of the Ministry of Coal, has achieved a big success by starting operations at its advanced Madhuband Washery.
  • The Washery was officially opened by Union Minister Shri Pralhad Joshi, boosting the coal and steel sectors in India.
  • This initiative not only helps reduce reliance on imports but also ensures a steady supply of high-quality washed coking coal for the steel industry.

Urban Affairs Ministry’s Data Boost with Amplifi 2.0:

  • The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has launched a significant initiative called Amplifi 2.0 to organize and streamline data from cities across India.
  • This platform aims to support data-driven decision-making, involve academics and researchers, and engage stakeholders in urban development.
  • Amplifi 2.0 already covers a wide range of data, including diesel consumption, water quality, healthcare spending, slum population, and road accidents.

Strengthening India’s Naval Power Against Chinese Expansion:

  • India is enhancing its naval capabilities by investing $5 billion in a new aircraft carrier, strategically responding to China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean.
  • The Defense Acquisition Council is poised to approve the acquisition of a second indigenous aircraft carrier, emphasizing India’s commitment to advanced military technology, including French Rafale jets.

Cochin Shipyard Launches Three Anti-Submarine Warfare Ships for Indian Navy:

  • Cochin Shipyard achieved a significant milestone by simultaneously launching the first three of eight Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) shallow water crafts for the Indian Navy.
  • These vessels, named INS Mahe, INS Malva, and INS Mangrol, boast specific design features, including dimensions, speed capabilities, and an endurance of 1,800 nautical miles, equipped with indigenously-developed sonars for underwater surveillance.

Union Cabinet Approves Terms for the 16th Finance Commission:

  • The Union Cabinet recently endorsed the terms of reference for the Sixteenth Finance Commission (SFC), set to submit its comprehensive report by October 31, 2025.
  • Apart from constitutionally mandated provisions, the terms include a notable clause related to the disaster management fund, emphasizing the Commission’s role in addressing financial distribution, grants-in-aid, and support for local governments.

India’s Q2 GDP Surges to 7.6%, Outperforming Predictions:

  • India’s economy witnessed remarkable growth of 7.6% in the July-September quarter of fiscal year 2023-24, positioning it as the fastest-growing major economy globally.
  • Robust performances in key sectors, including manufacturing, mining, and construction, alongside significant government spending, contributed to surpassing both market expectations and RBI projections.

Strong Growth in Core Industries Output in October 2023:

  • The combined Index of Eight Core Industries (ICI) exhibited substantial growth of 12.1% in October 2023, reflecting positive momentum across sectors like Cement, Coal, Crude Oil, Electricity, Fertilizers, Natural Gas, Refinery Products, and Steel.
  • The cumulative growth rate for April to October 2023-24 stands at 8.6%, showcasing a positive trend compared to the same period in the previous year.

India’s Fiscal Deficit Reaches 45% of Annual Target:

  • In the first seven months of the financial year 2023-24, India’s fiscal deficit has hit 45% of the yearly target of Rs 17.87 trillion.
  • From April to October, the fiscal deficit amounted to Rs 8.04 trillion, showing a notable increase from Rs 7.57 trillion in the same period of the previous fiscal year.
  • The current fiscal deficit closely aligns with the same period last year, emphasizing the importance of the government’s fiscal planning for economic stability.

Foxconn’s $1.5 Billion Investment Boosts Indian Tech Industry:

  • Foxconn Technology, a major Apple supplier, plans to invest over $1.5 billion in India, signaling a significant shift away from China and boosting the technological landscape in India.
  • The investment is channeled through Foxconn’s subsidiary, Hon Hai Technology India Mega Development, registered in Maharashtra since 2015, aiming to support Foxconn’s operational needs and contribute to a key construction project.

RBI Imposes Fines on Bank of America, N.A., and HDFC Bank:

  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) took regulatory action, imposing penalties on Bank of America, N.A., and HDFC Bank Ltd. for violations of specific norms.
  • The penalties are based on deficiencies in regulatory compliance, with a Rs. 10,000 penalty on Bank of America, N.A. for violating reporting requirements under the liberalized Remittances Scheme of FEMA 1999.

Odisha Pavilion Wins Accolade at IITF-2023

  • The India International Trade Fair (IITF-2023) concluded on November 27 in New Delhi, with the Odisha Pavilion standing out. It secured the prestigious gold medal for “Excellence in Display” in the State Pavilion category. 
  • The award was received by Saroj Kumar Samal, representing the Odisha Pavilion. Under the guidance of Suryaranjan Mohanty and Additional Director Santosh Das, the Pavilion showcased Odisha’s commitment to women’s empowerment, featuring tribal art, artifacts, and products.

HDFC Life Sets Guinness World Record with ‘Insure India’ Campaign:

  • HDFC Life, a prominent life insurance provider, achieved a new Guinness World Records title through its ‘Insure India’ campaign. 
  • The campaign involved creating the largest online selfie mosaic, comprising 19,097 photos contributed by individuals. 
  • The initiative aimed to address the low life insurance penetration in India, emphasizing the importance of life insurance. 
  • HDFC Life’s campaign promotes shared responsibility, engaging employees, partners, and customers to drive positive change.

Arshia Sattar Honored by France:

  • Author and translator Arshia Sattar received the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters from the French government. 
  • The award was presented by Thierry Mathou, the French ambassador to India, at the Consulate General of France in Bengaluru. 
  • Based in Bengaluru and aged 63, Arshia Sattar is renowned for her translations of epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. 
  • She also received the Sahitya Akademi Prize for Children’s Literature in 2022.

Suganthy Sundararaj Receives PRSI National Award for Healthcare Contributions:

  • Suganthy Sundararaj, Regional Head of PR at Apollo Hospitals, was honored with the PRSI National Award for outstanding contributions to the Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) and the public relations industry. 
  • With over four decades of experience, she played a crucial role in executing PR mandates for Apollo Hospitals. The award ceremony took place at the International Public Relations Festival in New Delhi.

NTPC Bongaigaon’s Double Victory at Greentech Environment Award 2023:

  • NTPC Bongaigaon, a key player in power generation, received acclaim for its CSR and Environment Protection efforts. 
  • It secured two prestigious awards from the Greentech Foundation – one in the Environment Protection Category and the other in the Rural Development Category. 
  • These awards recognize NTPC Bongaigaon’s commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility.

Air Marshal Makarand Ranade Assumes Role at Air HQ New Delhi:

  • Air Marshal Makarand Ranade took over as Director General (Inspection and Safety) at Air HQ New Delhi on December 1, 2023. 
  • Succeeding Air Marshal Sanjeev Kapoor, he brings over 36 years of experience in the Indian Air Force. His role involves upholding safety and operational standards.

West Indies’ Shane Dowrich Announces International Retirement:

  • West Indies’ wicketkeeper-batsman Shane Dowrich announced his retirement from international cricket. He withdrew from the West Indies squad set to face England in the upcoming ODI series. 
  • Dowrich, with 35 Test matches, contributed significantly with 1570 runs and showcased skills as a wicketkeeper.

Obituary: R Subbalakshmi Passes Away at 87:

  • Veteran actor R. Subbalakshmi, known for her contributions to Malayalam cinema, passed away at 87. Starting as an employee at All India Radio, she later served as a music instructor. Her breakthrough role in “Kalyanaraman” propelled her to fame, and she appeared in approximately 75 films across languages, leaving a lasting impact.

World AIDS Day 2023:

  • December 1 marks World AIDS Day 2023, observed annually since 1988, focusing on raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, commemorating those lost to AIDS-related illnesses, and showing solidarity with people living with HIV.
  • The theme for World AIDS Day 2023 is “Let Communities Lead!,” highlighting the collective strength of communities in driving initiatives related to HIV awareness, prevention, and healthcare.

PM Inaugurates 10,000th Jan Aushadhi Kendra at AIIMS Deoghar:

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 10,000th Jan Aushadhi Kendra at AIIMS, Deoghar, marking a milestone in healthcare accessibility.
  • The event also launched a program to increase the number of Jan Aushadhi Kendras from 10,000 to 25,000, emphasizing affordable and quality generic medicines for the public. 
  • Additionally, the Prime Minister unveiled the Pradhan Mantri Mahila Kisan Drone Kendra, showcasing a holistic approach to healthcare and agricultural prosperity.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has given the nod to a ₹1,658 crore recovery and reconstruction plan for Joshimath in Uttarakhand.

  • Landslides and ground subsidence challenges led to this comprehensive plan, with funds from the National Disaster Response Fund and the state’s resources.

Blod+: Revolutionizing Blood Management in India:

  • introduces Blod+, a revolutionary healthcare platform addressing blood wastage in Indian healthcare facilities.
  • The platform aims to ensure hospitals have timely access to blood, significantly reducing the average time to source blood from 6 hours to just over 2 hours.
  • This improvement can potentially save many lives by providing critical patients with quicker access to blood.

Nagaland Marks 61st Statehood Day:

  • Nagaland joyously celebrates its 61st Statehood Day, becoming the 16th state of the Indian Union on December 1, 1963.
  • Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio launches initiatives like the Nagaland School Safety Policy Digital Training Platform and the Nagaland Disaster Risk Reduction Road Map for the state’s safety and resilience.
  • A special photo exhibition, “Nagaland at 60,” captures the state’s cultural richness and progress over the past six decades.

1. What is the purpose of Bharat Coking Coal Ltd’s Madhuband Washery?

  1. Producing Steel
  2. Enhancing Resource Utilization
  3. Generating Electricity
  4. Extracting Petroleum

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Correct Answer: Enhancing Resource Utilization

The Madhuband Washery by Bharat Coking Coal Ltd aims to enhance resource utilization through advanced washing processes, contributing to the growth of the economy by supplying quality washed coking coal to the steel sector.

2. What is the objective of the Amplifi 2.0 portal launched by the Urban Affairs Ministry?

  1. Facilitating Data-Driven Policy-Making
  2. Promoting Sports in Urban Areas
  3. Managing Traffic Signals
  4. Enhancing Agricultural Practices

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Correct Answer: Facilitating Data-Driven Policy-Making

Amplifi 2.0 is designed to centralize and streamline data for data-driven policy-making in urban development, empowering academics, researchers, and engaging stakeholders.

3. How much is the approved Recovery and Reconstruction plan for Joshimath led by Union Home Minister Amit Shah?

  1. ₹500 Crore
  2. ₹1,000 Crore
  3. ₹1,658.17 Crore
  4. ₹2,000 Crore

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Correct Answer: ₹1,658.17 Crore

The approved plan for Joshimath’s recovery and reconstruction is ₹1,658.17 Crore, with contributions from the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) and the state.

4. What is the main goal of Blod+, India’s first on-demand blood platform?

  1. Increasing Blood Wastage
  2. Reducing Average Sourcing Time for Blood
  3. Promoting Blood Donations
  4. Creating Artificial Blood

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Correct Answer: Reducing Average Sourcing Time for Blood

Blod+ aims to revolutionize blood management by significantly reducing the average sourcing time for blood, ultimately reducing blood wastage in healthcare facilities.

5. Which state recently celebrated its 61st Statehood Day, becoming the 16th state of the Indian Union in 1963?

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Nagaland
  3. Gujarat
  4. Kerala

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Correct Answer: Nagaland’

Nagaland celebrated its 61st Statehood Day on December 1, 2023, becoming the 16th state of the Indian Union on the same day in 1963.

6. What milestone has India reached in its fiscal health during the first seven months of the financial year 2023-24?

  1. Achieving 50% of the annual fiscal target
  2. Reaching 45% of the annual fiscal target
  3. Exceeding the annual fiscal target
  4. Having a fiscal surplus

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Correct Answer: Reaching 45% of the annual fiscal target

India’s fiscal deficit has reached 45% of the annual target in the first seven months of the financial year 2023-24.

7. What is the purpose of Foxconn Technology’s $1.5 billion investment in India?

  1. Enhancing Agricultural Technologies
  2. Supporting Healthcare Initiatives
  3. Boosting the Technological Landscape
  4. Developing Renewable Energy

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Correct Answer: Boosting the Technological Landscape

Foxconn’s $1.5 billion investment aims to boost the technological landscape in India.

8. Why did the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) impose a penalty on Bank of America, N.A.?

  1. Violation of Trade Policies
  2. Non-compliance with FEMA 1999 Reporting Requirements
  3. Inadequate Cybersecurity Measures
  4. Excessive Lending Practices

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Correct Answer: Non-compliance with FEMA 1999 Reporting Requirements

The RBI imposed a penalty on Bank of America, N.A. for violating reporting requirements under the liberalized Remittances Scheme of FEMA 1999.

9. What is the theme for World AIDS Day 2023?

  1. Eradicating HIV Globally
  2. Let Communities Lead!
  3. Advances in HIV Vaccines
  4. Global Solidarity Against AIDS

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Correct Answer: Let Communities Lead!

The theme for World AIDS Day 2023 is “Let Communities Lead!”

10. What significant milestone did Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurate in the healthcare sector?

  1. 5,000th Jan Aushadhi Kendra
  2. 15,000th Jan Aushadhi Kendra
  3. 10,000th Jan Aushadhi Kendra
  4. 20,000th Jan Aushadhi Kendra

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Correct Answer: 10,000th Jan Aushadhi Kendra

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the 10,000th Jan Aushadhi Kendra at AIIMS, Deoghar.

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