Today’s Current Affairs MCQs/ GK Quiz 12th January 2024

1. What is the main focus of the recent agreements between Maldives and China?

  1. Cultural exchanges
  2. Economic development
  3. Military alliances
  4. Educational partnerships

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Correct Answer: Economic development

The main focus of the agreements is on climate, agriculture, and infrastructure, emphasizing economic development.

2. What factor led to tensions between Maldives and India, impacting the tourism sector?

  1. Trade disputes
  2. Diplomatic disputes
  3. Climate change concerns
  4. Security issues

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Correct Answer: Diplomatic disputes

Diplomatic disputes and the promise to remove Indian security personnel caused tensions and led to calls for boycotting the Maldives, impacting the tourism sector.

3. What is the primary purpose of the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL)?

  1. Enhancing maritime security
  2. Promoting cultural exchange
  3. Boosting agricultural production
  4. Reducing travel time

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Correct Answer: Reducing travel time

The primary purpose of MTHL is to reduce travel time, connecting Sewri in Mumbai to Nhava Sheva in Raiga.

4. Who is set to ascend to the throne as Queen of Denmark alongside Crown Prince Frederik?

  1. Crown Princess Mary
  2. Princess Catherine
  3. Queen Elizabeth II
  4. Queen Margrethe II

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Correct Answer: Crown Princess Mary

Crown Princess Mary, born Mary Donaldson, is set to ascend to the throne as Queen of Denmark alongside Crown Prince Frederik.

5. What does the UN Security Council Resolution urge Houthi rebels to halt in the Red Sea?

  1. Land invasions
  2. Missile testing
  3. Attacks on ships
  4. Cyber warfare

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Correct Answer: Attacks on ships

The resolution calls for an “immediate” end to Houthi rebel attacks on ships in the Red Sea.

6. Which countries abstained from voting on the UN Security Council Resolution regarding Houthi rebel attacks?

  1. India and Brazil
  2. USA and UK
  3. Russia and Algeria
  4. France and Germany

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Correct Answer: Russia and Algeria

Russia, China, Mozambique, and Algeria abstained from voting on the resolution regarding Houthi rebel attacks.

7. What is the primary aim of the UK’s nuclear power expansion plan?

  1. Achieving energy independence
  2. Reducing international conflicts
  3. Advancing space exploration
  4. Enhancing agricultural production

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Correct Answer: Achieving energy independence

The primary aim is to quadruple UK nuclear power to 24 gigawatts by 2050, providing a quarter of the nation’s electricity.

8. What is the focus of the NISAR satellite, a joint effort between ISRO and NASA?

  1. Studying underwater ecosystems
  2. Monitoring urban development
  3. Analyzing Earth’s frozen regions
  4. Observing extraterrestrial phenomena

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Correct Answer: Analyzing Earth’s frozen regions

NISAR aims to study Earth’s frozen regions, including ice dynamics and ground deformation.

Daily Current Affairs – 12 January 2024(Notes)

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