French President Emmanuel Macron Arrives in Jaipur For Republic Day Celebrations

In anticipation of the 75th Republic Day celebrations in the national capital, French President Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to arrive in Jaipur today, where he will serve as the esteemed Chief Guest. Invited by Prime Minister Modi, President Macron’s presence at the 75th Republic Day celebrations signifies the deep-rooted and robust ties between India and France.

Commencement of President Macron’s Visit

President Macron’s visit initiates with a tour of the renowned Amber Fort, followed by a joint exploration of Jaipur alongside Prime Minister Modi. The visit by President Macron marks the culmination of the 25th-anniversary celebrations of the India-France Strategic Partnership.

Jaipur’s Preparations for the Dignitary’s Arrival

Jaipur has adorned itself with vibrant posters featuring both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron in anticipation of the distinguished guest’s arrival.

Unity Displayed at the Republic Day Parade

A notable feature of President Macron’s visit is the active participation of a French armed forces contingent in the Republic Day parade, symbolizing the unity between Indian and French troops and aviators.

Macron’s Jaipur Itinerary: Cultural Interactions and Landmark Tours

President Macron’s itinerary includes engaging with artisans, stakeholders in Indo-French cultural projects, and students at the Amber Fort. Subsequently, Prime Minister Modi will join him for a comprehensive tour of Jaipur’s landmarks, including the historic Jantar Mantar.

Bilateral Discussions Between Macron and Modi

Following their joint exploration, the two leaders will engage in in-depth bilateral discussions, further solidifying the diplomatic ties between India and France.

Macron’s Previous Engagements in India

President Macron’s visit to India follows prior engagements, including a state visit in March 2018 and an official visit in September 2023 during the Delhi G20 Summit. Additionally, he has hosted Prime Minister Modi in France on four occasions.

Notable Delegations Accompanying Macron

Accompanying President Macron on this significant visit are key figures such as Stephane Sejourne (Europe and Foreign Affairs), Sebastien Lecornu (Armed Forces), and Rachida Dati (Culture), forming a distinguished ministerial delegation. The visit also includes a C-level business delegation, featuring representatives from French majors, SMEs, and mid-caps, along with other eminent personalities like ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

France’s Ongoing Legacy as Chief Guest

President Macron’s state visit holds historical significance as France becomes the chief guest at India’s Republic Day for the sixth time, the highest among all nations. This visit follows Prime Minister Modi’s trip to Paris on France’s Bastille Day on July 14, 2023.

Defense Ties on Display: French Contingent in Republic Day Parade

Symbolizing the robust defense ties between India and France, a contingent from the French armed forces will actively participate in the Republic Day parade, adding a noteworthy element to the celebrations.

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