Latest Current Affairs: PM Modi to share his thoughts with nation through his Mann Ki Baat programme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will share his thoughts with the nation through his Mann Ki Baat programme tomorrow. The 108th edition of the programme will be broadcast at 11 AM. The programme would also be streamed on the YouTube channels of the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and DD News.

What is Mann Ki Baat Programme

Communication Platform:

“Mann Ki Baat” serves as a communication platform where Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation, sharing his thoughts, ideas, and perspectives.

Monthly Radio Broadcast:

The program is a monthly radio broadcast, typically aired on the last Sunday of each month, allowing the Prime Minister to connect with the citizens regularly.

Interactive Nature:

“Mann Ki Baat” is interactive, encouraging citizens to share their ideas, experiences, and suggestions, fostering a two-way communication channel between the government and the people.

Discussion of Current Issues:

Prime Minister Modi discusses a range of current events, government initiatives, and social issues during the program, providing insights and updates on important matters.

National and International Significance:

The program covers topics of both national and international significance, offering the Prime Minister’s perspective on various issues impacting the country and the world.

Direct Engagement with Citizens:

“Mann Ki Baat” enables the Prime Minister to directly engage with the people of India, addressing their concerns, conveying government policies, and sharing his vision for the nation.

Broadcast Mediums:

The broadcast reaches a wide audience as it is aired on various radio channels and digital platforms, ensuring accessibility for people across different regions.

People-Centric Approach:

The program reflects a people-centric approach, emphasizing the importance of citizen participation, feedback, and collaboration in the nation’s development.

Encourages Unity and Positivity:

“Mann Ki Baat” often emphasizes unity, positivity, and shared values, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and national pride among the citizens.

Informative and Inspirational:

The program aims to be both informative and inspirational, providing citizens with updates on government initiatives while also motivating them to contribute to the country’s progress.

Understanding these key points will help in grasping the significance of “Mann Ki Baat” from an exam perspective, emphasizing its role as a communication platform, its interactive nature, and its impact on fostering a direct connection between the government and the people.

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