PM Modi Unveils ‘Swachh Mandir’ Campaign for Pilgrimage Sites

In a noteworthy move to elevate the cleanliness standards of pilgrimage sites nationwide, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the ambitious ‘Swachh Mandir’ (Clean Temple) campaign. This initiative gains significance on the eve of the much-anticipated consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, slated for January 22.

Launching the Cleanliness Drive

Prime Minister Modi took to Instagram, sharing a video message that not only kick-started the ‘Swachh Mandir’ campaign but also called upon citizens to actively participate in making Ayodhya a symbol of cleanliness in India.

National Cleanliness Drive

In his address, the Prime Minister urged citizens to commence cleanliness drives at smaller pilgrimage sites across the nation, commencing on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti on January 14. The initiative is set to continue until the consecration day.

Transforming Ayodhya: A Collective Pledge

Addressing the residents of Ayodhya directly, PM Modi emphasized the expected surge in visitors from across the nation. He urged residents to collectively pledge to transform Ayodhya into the cleanest city, earning the revered title of “Ramnagari.”

Inclusive Spirit of the Campaign

Highlighting the inclusive spirit of the ‘Swachh Mandir’ campaign, PM Modi stressed that Lord Ram belongs to everyone. With Lord Ram’s imminent arrival, he emphasized that not a single temple or pilgrimage site should remain untidy, emphasizing the need for a pristine and welcoming environment.

Collaborative Effort: Involvement of Elected Representatives

The success of the campaign hinges on a collaborative effort that includes all elected representatives, such as Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assemblies, and panchayat representatives. Their collective involvement aims to ensure the success of the cleanliness drive, fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership among communities.

Strategic Planning by Party Functionaries

To execute the ‘Swachh Mandir’ campaign effectively, party functionaries have been assigned the crucial task of identifying places of worship where the cleanliness drive will be initiated before the consecration ceremony. This strategic planning intends to create a domino effect, inspiring similar initiatives at various other pilgrimage sites.

Aligning with a Larger Vision

The campaign aligns with the broader vision of promoting cleanliness, hygiene, and a sense of pride in India’s rich cultural and religious heritage. PM Modi’s nationwide movement seeks to instill a culture of cleanliness not only at grand temples but also at the numerous smaller pilgrimage sites that hold significant spiritual value.

Preserving Sanctity Amidst Historic Occasion

As the nation prepares for the historic consecration of the Ram temple, the ‘Swachh Mandir’ campaign stands as a testament to the collective responsibility of citizens in preserving the sanctity of revered places of worship.

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