Today’s Current Affairs MCQs: 11th May 2024

1. Which two Indian cities have been included in the top 50 wealthiest cities of the world by the Wealthiest Cities Report 2024?

(A) Mumbai and Delhi

(B) Kolkata and Chennai

(C) Bangalore and Pune

(D) Chennai and Ahmedabad

(E) Hyderabad and Jaipur

Ans (A)

In a notable first, Mumbai and Delhi, two prominent Indian cities, have earned spots in the prestigious top 50 list of the world’s wealthiest cities. Mumbai secured the 24th position, while Delhi claimed the 37th spot in the recently released Wealthiest Cities Report 2024.

Compiled by Henley & Partners in collaboration with New World Wealth, a leading global data intelligence firm, the report sheds light on cities with the highest concentration of wealth. The criteria for inclusion are based on the presence of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) possessing liquid investable wealth exceeding USD 1 million.

According to the Henley report, Mumbai, India’s financial hub, boasts an impressive count of 58,800 millionaires, along with 236 centi-millionaires and 29 billionaires, cementing its status as the 24th wealthiest city globally. On the other hand, Delhi, India’s bustling capital, is home to 30,700 millionaires, 123 centi-millionaires, and 16 billionaires, securing the 37th position on the list of wealthiest cities.

This recognition underscores the growing economic prominence and prosperity of Indian cities on the global stage, reflecting the country’s dynamic growth trajectory and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.

2. How much will a person be paid for one kg of pirul (Pine tree leaves) under the Pirul Lao-Paise Pao campaign in Uttarakhand?

(A) Rs 40 per kg

(B) Rs 50 per kg

(C) Rs 70 per kg

(D) Rs 30 per kg

(E) Rs 80 per kg

Ans (B)

On May 8, 2024, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami of Uttarakhand inaugurated the Pirul Lao-Paisa Pao initiative in the Rudraprayag district, aiming to combat the escalating threat of forest fires. Encouraging active community involvement, he emphasized the importance of collective efforts in safeguarding the region’s precious ecosystem.

The devastating forest fires have wreaked havoc, decimating trees, medicinal plants, and wildlife while also exacerbating air pollution with dense smoke and soot. To mitigate further damage, the Pirul, referring to Pine tree leaves in Uttarakhand, will be systematically collected and stored at designated centers.

In an innovative approach, villagers and youth engaged in the campaign will receive compensation of Rs 50 per kilogram of Pirul collected, facilitating direct transfers to their bank accounts. Additionally, the Pirul holds significant traditional value in Uttarakhand, serving various purposes such as crafting animal bedding, enhancing soil fertility when mixed with cow dung, and facilitating fruit packaging.

Through the Pirul Lao-Paisa Pao initiative, Uttarakhand endeavors to harness community participation to address the pressing issue of forest fires while simultaneously preserving its rich ecological heritage.

3. According to the Global Electricity Review report, what was the rank of India in the world in Solar power production in 2023?

(A) First

(B) Second

(C) Third

(D) Fourth

(E) Fifth

Ans (C)

As per the latest findings from the 5th edition of the “Global Electricity Review” report by Ember, a renowned United Kingdom-based global think tank, India has achieved the remarkable feat of emerging as the third-largest solar power producer in the year 2023. This notable achievement marks a significant leap from its previous ranking of ninth place in 2015, surpassing even Japan in the process.

The report underscores the unprecedented growth of solar energy, which has maintained its position as the fastest-growing electricity source globally for an impressive 19 consecutive years. In 2023 alone, solar energy witnessed a substantial surge, outpacing coal by a significant margin, with twice as much new electricity capacity added.

Furthermore, the report highlights that solar power accounted for a notable 5.5 percent of the world’s electricity generation in 2023, underscoring its increasing significance in the global energy landscape. This significant milestone aligns with the goals outlined during the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference, where world leaders committed to limiting the average global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, emphasizing the crucial role of renewable energy sources like solar power in combating climate change.

4. Varugeese Koshy, who has passed away recently, was famous for which game?

(A) Table tennis

(B) Badminton

(C) Tennis

(D) Chess

(E) Basketball

Ans (D)

The chess community mourns the loss of Varugeese Koshy, an esteemed International Master and revered mentor, who recently passed away. Koshy left an indelible mark on Indian chess history with his innovative, self-taught approach to the game, propelling him to the position of India’s second-ranked player during the 1990s.

Renowned for his unconventional and hyper-modern chess strategies, Koshy was a trailblazer in the chess world, carving his path as a self-taught luminary. Despite starting as a rebel within the chess fraternity, he earned respect as one of the few self-taught gentlemen of the game, admired for his dedication and unique insights.

While Koshy represented India on numerous prestigious platforms, his most enduring legacy lies in his role as a mentor and trainer. His unparalleled contributions to nurturing the next generation of chess players have left an enduring impact on the sport, shaping the future of Indian chess for generations to come.

5. Who has been honored with the Global Pride of Sindhi Award 2024 for his societal contributions?

(A) Jetho Lalwani

(B) Arjun Chawla

(C) Vinod Asudani

(D) Pawan Sindhi

(E) Kanhaiyalal Lekhwani

Ans (D)

In a momentous occasion, Mr. Pawan Sindhi has been bestowed with the esteemed Global Pride of Sindhi Award 2024, recognizing his outstanding contributions to society. The award ceremony, held in Mumbai, commemorated Mr. Sindhi’s unwavering commitment to promoting humanity, fostering peace, and advancing prosperity.

Expressing gratitude during his acceptance speech, Mr. Sindhi extended heartfelt thanks to his mentors, the press, and society at large for their unwavering support. He emphasized the pivotal role of service and respect in the collective endeavor of nation-building, underscoring the importance of collaboration and unity in driving positive change.

The “Global Pride of Sindhi Awards 2024” serves as a beacon, drawing luminaries from diverse spheres including business, arts, academia, and philanthropy. This prestigious event serves as a platform to honor individuals who have exemplified excellence and dedication in promoting Sindhi culture on the global stage, fostering a spirit of unity and celebration within the community.

6. NTPC Green Energy Limited has signed pact with which state for renewable energy boost?

(A) Gujarat

(B) Maharashtra

(C) Karnataka

(D) Telangana

(E) Tamil Nadu

Ans (B)

An agreement has been reached between NTPC Green Energy Limited and MAHAPREIT to collaborate on the development of renewable energy projects totaling up to 10 gigawatts (GW) in Maharashtra. The partnership aims to bolster NTPC’s renewable energy portfolio and contribute to sustainable energy initiatives in the region.

MAHAPREIT, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mahatma Phule Backward Class Development Corporation (MPBCDC), operates as a State Public Sector undertaking under the Government of Maharashtra. This strategic collaboration signifies a concerted effort by both entities to leverage their expertise and resources towards advancing renewable energy infrastructure and fostering environmental sustainability.

Rajiv Gupta serves as the CEO of NTPC Green Energy Limited, overseeing the organization’s initiatives in the renewable energy sector. With this MoU, NTPC Green Energy Limited and MAHAPREIT embark on a collaborative journey to drive progress in renewable energy development, aligning with broader goals of promoting clean energy and reducing carbon emissions.

7. HDFC Life has appointed whom as its chairman?

(A) Deepak Parekh

(B) Keki Mistry

(C) Renu Sud Karnad

(D) Aditya Puri

(E) Sashidhar Jagdishan

Ans (B)

In the wake of Deepak Parekh’s resignation, HDFC Life Insurance has appointed Keki Mistry as its new chairman. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has subsequently granted approval for Mistry’s appointment, acknowledging his experience and leadership in the industry.

Beyond his role at HDFC Life Insurance, Keki Mistry is actively involved in various industry initiatives. He serves as a member of the Primary Market Advisory Committee (PMAC) established by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Additionally, Mistry chairs Working Group 1 of an Expert Committee formed by SEBI to enhance regulatory provisions, demonstrating his commitment to fostering regulatory transparency and efficiency within the sector.

8. Maharana Pratap Jayanti has recently observed on which day of May 2024?

(A) 07 June

(B) 08 June

(C) 09 June

(D) 10 June

(E) 11 June

Ans (C)

On June 9, 2024, Maharana Pratap Jayanti was commemorated, honoring the legacy of the esteemed king of Mewar, Rajasthan. Born on June 9, 1540, according to the Hindu calendar, Maharana Pratap’s valor and leadership, particularly during the Battle of Haldighati against Mughal Emperor Akbar, are revered.

Maharana Pratap is celebrated for his pivotal role in leading the first war of independence against Mughal Emperor Akbar. The Battle of Haldighati stands as a poignant symbol of his unwavering courage and resilience, as he fearlessly confronted the formidable Mughal army in defense of his kingdom and principles.

9. According to World Migration Report 2024, which country has become the highest recipient of remittances, at $111 billion?

(A) India

(B) China


(D) Russia

(E) Japan

Ans (A)

The latest World Migration Report for 2024 highlights India, Mexico, and China as the leading recipients of remittances in 2022, with the Philippines, France, and Pakistan following closely behind. Released by the UN’s International Organization for Migration in Dhaka, the report sheds light on global migration trends.

India emerged as the top recipient, receiving an impressive $111 billion in remittances, a significant milestone as the first country to surpass the $100-billion mark. This marks a substantial increase from the $83 billion received in 2020. Meanwhile, China recorded inward remittances totaling $51 billion in 2022, underscoring its significance as a major destination for remittance flows.

10. Which military unit of Indian Army has successfully conducted a three-day joint exercise with the Indian Air Force in Punjab?

(A) Kharga Corps

(B) Rising Star Corps

(C) Gajraj Corps

(D) Chetak Corps

(E) Army Aviation Corps

Ans (A)

The Kharga Corps of the Indian Army, operating under the umbrella of the Army’s Western Command, recently completed a comprehensive three-day joint exercise alongside the Indian Air Force (IAF) across various sites in Punjab. The primary objective of this exercise was to enhance operational efficiency and assess the strategic utilization of attack helicopters in mechanized operations within diverse terrains.

Dubbed as “Gagan Strike-II,” the exercise integrated a range of force multipliers to bolster its effectiveness. Through rigorous training and strategic collaboration, the joint exercise aimed to refine operational protocols and validate the seamless integration of air and ground forces for enhanced combat readiness and mission success.

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