Today’s Current Affairs MCQs/ GK Quiz 30th December 2023

1. What is the focus of the upcoming 10th edition of VGGS?

  1. Petrochemical Investments
  2. Future Innovations
  3. Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  4. Collaborations

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Correct Answer: Future Innovations

The theme ‘Gateway to the Future’ suggests a focus on future innovations and collaborations in the petrochemical landscape.

2. Which state recently inaugurated a board for transparent PSU hiring?

  1. Gujarat
  2. Kerala
  3. Karnataka
  4. Maharashtra

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Correct Answer: Kerala

The Kerala Chief Minister inaugurated the Kerala Public Enterprises (Selection and Recruitment) Board.

3. What is the objective of the newly inaugurated PSU hiring board?

  1. Enhancing Transparency
  2. Increasing Efficiency
  3. Streamlining Selection Processes
  4. All of the Above

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Correct Answer: All of the Above

The board aims to enhance transparency, increase efficiency, and streamline selection processes for public sector units.

4. What is the primary goal of Gujarat’s submarine tourism initiative?

  1. Boosting Petrochemical Investments
  2. Uncovering Underwater World
  3. Celebrating Diwali Festivities
  4. Encouraging Local Tourism

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Correct Answer: Uncovering Underwater World

The initiative aims to uncover the enchanting underwater world around Bet Dwarka.

5. Why did Argentina decline BRICS membership under President Javier Milei?

  1. Geopolitical Alignment
  2. Economic Challenges
  3. Political Instability
  4. Foreign Policy Shift

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Correct Answer: Geopolitical Alignment

President Milei’s rejection was grounded in Argentina’s geopolitical alignment prioritizing connections with the United States and Israel.

6. What does the book “The Babri Masjid Ram Mandir Dilemma” emphasize?

  1. Political Confrontations
  2. Modern and Equitable Solution
  3. Historical Narratives
  4. Religious Beliefs

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Correct Answer: Modern and Equitable Solution

The book emphasizes the missed opportunities for resolution and the need for a modern and equitable solution.

7. What significant shift did Prime Minister Narendra Modi announce in the Navy?

  1. New Naval Bases
  2. Reshaping of Ranks
  3. Maritime Policies
  4. Naval Deployments

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Correct Answer: Reshaping of Ranks

The announcement involved reshaping Admirals’ shoulder decorations and ranks in the Indian Navy.

8. What is the focus of the newly inaugurated defense facility in Bengaluru?

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Naval Warfare
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Military Intelligence

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Correct Answer: Aerospace Engineering

The facility is dedicated to aerospace engineering.

9. What marked a low point in the growth of eight infrastructure sectors in November?

  1. Petrochemical Decline
  2. Economic Downturn
  3. Crude Oil and Cement Setbacks
  4. Political Instability

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Correct Answer: Crude Oil and Cement Setbacks

The decline is primarily attributed to setbacks in the crude oil and cement sectors.

10. What is the projected total tax collection under Modi’s decade-long leadership?

  1. Rs 18.23 trillion
  2. Rs 16.61 trillion
  3. Rs 19 trillion
  4. Rs 20 trillion

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Correct Answer: Rs 19 trillion

The projected total tax collection is around Rs 19 trillion by March 31, 2024.

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