Today’s Current Affairs MCQs/ GK Quiz 5th February 2024

1. Pundalik K. Badiger, recipient of the Best __ Award presented by the Karnataka Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ).

  1. News reporter
  2. Editor-in-chief
  3. Photographer
  4. Video Editor

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Correct Answer: Photographer

Pundalik K Badiger has won the best photographer award instituted by the Karnataka Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ). The Karnataka Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) is recognizing Pundalik K  Badiger’s contributions to photojournalism and his dedication to capturing important stories and events in Karnataka.  Pundalik K Badiger is a senior photographer who contributes to The Hindu newspaper. He has won the best photographer award instituted by the Karnataka Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ). Pundalik K Badiger hails from Madlur village near Saundatti in Belagavi district, Karnataka.

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day 2024 has been observed on which day of February 2024?

  1. 01 February
  2. 02 February
  3. 03 February
  4. 04 February

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Correct Answer: 02 February

World Rheumatic Arthritis Day is celebrated annually on February 2 to raise awareness about rheumatoid arthritis. RA is an autoimmune disease that affects the joints, causing pain and inflammation. The first methotrexate treatments for RA became available in 1988, and in 2011, the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation was founded to raise awareness of the disease and available treatments.

3. Which country has been chosen to host the ICC Annual General Meeting in July 2024?

  1. India
  2. UAE
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. England

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Correct Answer: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been cleared to host the International Cricket Council (ICC) Annual General Meeting in July. Lifting of the suspension has enhanced opportunities for cricket and tourism in Sri Lanka. The suspension has been lifted due to the removal of government interference. Roshan Ranasinghe, Fernando’s predecessor, has been appointed to an interim committee alleging corruption in SLC.

4. Which company has joined the Argentine Football Association to promote food brands?

  1. Hindustan Unilever
  2. ITC Limited
  3. Britannia Industries
  4. Dabur Limited

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Correct Answer: ITC Limited

ITC has partnered with the Argentine Football Association (AFA) to promote its snacks, pasta, and noodles brands. The collaboration between ITC and AFA will be for a one-year period, during which the members of the World Cup-winning football team will endorse ITC Foods’ brands. This collaboration is a strategic move by ITC Foods to leverage the popularity and influence of the Argentine football team to connect with consumers and drive sales of its food products.

5. Justice P S Dinesh Kumar has been recently appointed as Chief Justice of which High Court?

  1. Chhattisgarh High Court
  2. Jharkhand High Court
  3. Manipur High Court
  4. Karnataka High Court

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Correct Answer: Karnataka High Court

Justice P S Dinesh Kumar has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court. He will have a short tenure as he is set to retire on February 24. Justice Kumar was previously the acting Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court. He has been serving on the Karnataka High Court since 2015.

6. Which company has been recognised as the world’s most sustainable aluminum producer?

  1. Vedanta Aluminum
  2. Bharat Aluminium
  3. Hindalco Industries
  4. India Foils Limited

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Correct Answer: Vedanta Aluminum

Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. ranked as the world’s most sustainable aluminum producer in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) 2023. The company scored high on biodiversity, occupational health & safety, social impact, human rights, talent planning, and water management. VAL is committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050 through reducing its carbon footprint & creating carbon sinks.

7. Indian Air Force will conduct mega exercise Vayu Shakti 2024 in which city?

  1. Gwalior
  2. Kalaikunda
  3. Jamnagar
  4. Jaisalmer

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Correct Answer: Jaisalmer

The Indian Air Force will conduct the mega exercise Vayu Shakti 2024 at the Pokhran Range in Jaisalmer on February 17, 2024. More than 100 aircraft and helicopters will participate in Vayu Shakti 2024, including indigenously manufactured and designed aircraft like Tejas, Prachand, and Dhruv. Air-to-air and surface-to-air missile systems such as MICA, R-73, SAMAR, and Akash will also be demonstrated during the exercise. A total of 77 fighter aircraft, including Rafale, Jaguar, Mirage 2000, and Sukhoi 30 MKI, will participate in the exercise, along with 41 helicopters, including MI 17 and Apache, and five transport aircraft, including C130 and C17. Vayu Shakti 2024 is a significant event that demonstrates the Indian Air Force’s commitment to maintaining a strong and capable air force.

8. Where will the Railway Protection Force (RPF) host the 67th All India Police Duty Meet (AIPDM)?

  1. Pune
  2. Kolkata
  3. Lucknow
  4. Delhi

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Correct Answer: Lucknow

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) will host the 67th All India Police Duty Meet (AIPDM) in Lucknow. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) will host the 67th All India Police Duty Meet (AIPDM) in Lucknow from February 12th to 16th, 2024 The responsibility of organizing the event has been entrusted to the RPF by the Central Coordinating Committee of AIPDM. This event aims to promote excellence and collaboration among police officers towards scientific detection and investigation of crimes in order to enhance internal security.

9. According to WHO, by which year new cancer cases will soar to 77%?

  1. 2040
  2. 2050
  3. 2045
  4. 2060

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Correct Answer: 2050

WHO predicted a 77% increase in new cancer cases globally by 2050. Estimated 20 million new cancer cases in 2022, with a projection of over 35 million by 2050. The IARC survey attributes the rise to factors like tobacco, alcohol, obesity, and air pollution. In 2022, an estimated 9.7 million cancer deaths were reported based on data from 185 countries. Most developed countries are expected to see the greatest numerical increase in new cases, while lower Human Development Index (HDI) countries may experience the highest proportional rise (142%).

10. Who has been selected as torchbearer for 2024 Paris Olympics?

  1. Gagan Narang
  2. Neeraj Chopra
  3. Abhinav Bindra
  4. Karnam Malleswari

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Correct Answer: Abhinav Bindra

Abhinav Bindra, India’s first individual Olympic gold medalist, selected as a torchbearer for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Bindra will be part of the Olympic torch relay from April 16 to July 26. The inaugural lighting of the torch will take place on April 16 at the Olympia sanctuary in Greece. The torch relay will last 68 days, covering 65 territories and involving 11,000 torchbearers.

Daily Current Affairs – 4 & 5 February 2024 (Notes)

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