Today’s Current Affairs MCQs/ GK Quiz 22th January 2024

1. What architectural style does Ayodhya’s Ram Temple embrace?

  1. Dravida
  2. Nagara
  3. Vesara
  4. Chalukya

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Correct Answer: Nagara

Ayodhya’s Ram Temple embraces the Nagara architectural style.

2. When did the Nagara architectural style originate in northern India?

  1. 2nd-century CE
  2. 5th-century CE
  3. 8th-century CE
  4. 12th-century CE

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Correct Answer: 5th-century CE

Nagara style originated in the 5th-century CE during the late Gupta period.

3. What materials are used in crafting the Shikharas of Nagara temples?

  1. Wood and Brick
  2. Gold and Silver
  3. Marble, Carved Sandstone, and Rajasthani Pink Stone
  4. Concrete and Glass

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Correct Answer: Marble, Carved Sandstone, and Rajasthani Pink Stone

Shikharas are crafted from stone, incorporating marble, carved sandstone, and Rajasthani pink stone.

4. What is the height of the Shikharas in Ayodhya’s Ram Temple?

  1. 50 feet
  2. 100 feet
  3. 150 feet
  4. 161 feet

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Correct Answer: 161 feet

Shikharas amplify the sanctum’s height over sevenfold, reaching an impressive 161 feet.

5. What historical event does Modi’s Ayodhya inauguration parallel?

  1. Independence Day
  2. Somnath Inauguration in 1950
  3. Republic Day
  4. Dandi March

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Correct Answer: Somnath Inauguration in 1950

Modi’s Ayodhya inauguration to the historical event of Somnath Inauguration in 1950.

6. In which city will the 71st Miss World Pageant be hosted?

  1. New York
  2. London
  3. Mumbai
  4. Paris

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Correct Answer: Mumbai

India will host the 71st Miss World Pageant, and the venues include the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai.

7. How did NASA restore communication with the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars?

  1. Increased solar power
  2. Martian Wi-Fi connection
  3. Extended listening sessions by Perseverance rover
  4. Sending a repair robot

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Correct Answer: Extended listening sessions by Perseverance rover

NASA restored communication by instructing Perseverance to conduct prolonged listening sessions for Ingenuity’s signal.

8. What is the projected impact of spiritual tourism on Uttar Pradesh’s economy?

  1. ₹2,000 cr
  2. ₹10,000 cr
  3. ₹25,000 cr per annum
  4. ₹50,000 cr per annum

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Correct Answer: ₹25,000 cr per annum

Impact of spiritual tourism on the Indian economy is significant, with UP potentially gaining additional tax revenue of ₹25,000 per annum in FY25.

Daily Current Affairs – 22 January 2024 (Notes)

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