Historical Background of the Anand Marriage Act:

The Anand Marriage Act is a law in India designed to oversee marriages within the Sikh community, specifically focusing on the ceremonial aspect known as Anand Karaj. Enacted in 1909, this act establishes the legal framework for registering Sikh marriages.

The term “Anand” denotes joy, and “Karaj” signifies ceremony. Therefore, “Anand Karaj” translates to the joyous marriage ceremony in Sikh tradition. The Act allows Sikh marriages to be officially registered, providing guidelines for recognition under the law.

In 2012, the Parliament passed the Anand Marriage (Amendment) Bill, extending legal recognition to Sikh traditional marriages. This bill permits Sikhs to register their marriages under the Anand Marriage Act rather than the Hindu Marriage Act.

Enforcement of the Anand Marriage Act in Jammu and Kashmir:

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has taken a significant step to address the longstanding demand of the Sikh community by implementing the Anand Marriage Act. This act grants legal recognition to Sikh marriage rituals, allowing Sikh couples to register their marriages under specific regulations instead of the Hindu Marriage Act.

Rules and Regulation:

The administration has established detailed rules for registering marriages under the Anand Marriage Act in Jammu and Kashmir. These rules, titled ‘Jammu and Kashmir Anand Marriage Registration Rules, 2023,’ outline the procedures for registering “Anand marriages.” As of November 30, according to a government notification, tehsildars will serve as registrars for such marriages within their respective territorial jurisdictions.

Sikh couples can apply for registration within three months of solemnizing their marriage. However, a late fee may be incurred if the formalities are completed after this deadline. The notification, issued by the department of law, justice, and parliamentary affairs, specifies this timeline and fee structure

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