India And UAE Perform A Joint Military Exercise – Desert Cyclone

Latest Current Affairs – India and the UAE have started a joint military training called ‘DESERT CYCLONE’ in Mahajan, Rajasthan. The exercise, which began yesterday, involves 45 personnel from each side. The UAE contingent is from the Zayed First Brigade, while the Indian Army contingent mainly consists of a Battalion from the Mechanised Infantry Regiment. 

This training, scheduled to end on January 15, focuses on improving coordination in sub-conventional operations, particularly Fighting in Built-Up Area (FIBUA), in desert and semi-desert landscapes based on the United Nations Charter on Peace Keeping Operations. 

Goal Of The Desert Cyclone Exercise 

The goal is to strengthen cooperation and coordination during Peace Keeping Operations, promoting a collaborative partnership, and facilitating the exchange of best practices. ‘DESERT CYCLONE’ underscores the deepening friendship and trust between India and the UAE, aiming to achieve common security objectives and strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations.

Geopolitical Ties Between India And UAE

Both nations have actively worked towards strengthening their bilateral relations across various sectors.

Economic Collaboration:

Trade and Investment: India and the UAE have been key economic partners. Bilateral trade between the two countries has seen a steady increase, with both nations recognizing the potential for further growth. The UAE has been an important source of investment for various Indian sectors.

Energy Partnership: The UAE, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has been a significant investor in India’s energy sector. Both countries have collaborated on various energy-related projects, including oil exploration and renewable energy initiatives.

Strategic Partnership

Defense and Security Cooperation: India and the UAE have engaged in strategic dialogues and military exercises, such as joint naval exercises. The two countries share concerns related to regional security and have cooperated in addressing common threats.

Counter-terrorism Collaboration: Given the shared concerns about terrorism, India and the UAE have cooperated closely on counter-terrorism initiatives. Information sharing and joint efforts to combat extremism have been prominent aspects of this collaboration.

Diplomatic Relations

High-Level Exchanges: Regular high-level visits between the leaders of both countries have helped in fostering stronger diplomatic ties. These exchanges serve as platforms for discussing bilateral issues and exploring new avenues for cooperation.

Multilateral Engagements: India and the UAE often find themselves on similar sides in various international forums and organizations. Their collaboration extends beyond bilateral ties to include shared perspectives on global issues.

People-to-People Contacts

Diaspora Influence: The significant Indian diaspora in the UAE has played a crucial role in strengthening people-to-people ties. The cultural exchange and economic contributions of the Indian community have been integral to the overall relationship.
Tourism: Tourism flows between the two countries have been on the rise, with both nations recognizing the potential for growth in this sector. Efforts to facilitate travel and tourism have been part of their bilateral agenda.

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