Indian And Global Space Missions For 2024

As a part of today’s current affairs, India is kicking off the new year with a bang in the realm of space exploration. The Aditya-L1 mission is making headlines, aiming to reach the Lagrangian point, or L1, on January 6, 2024. While we eagerly await Aditya-L1’s discoveries about the Sun, there’s a stellar lineup of over a dozen new space missions set to captivate the imagination of Indian space enthusiasts in 2024. Let’s take a journey through the most anticipated space missions!

XPoSat Mission: Exploring X-rays in Space

While Aditya-L1 takes center stage, ISRO quietly launched the XPoSat on January 1, 2024. XPoSat is India’s first scientific satellite dedicated to studying X-ray polarization from celestial sources. It aims to unravel cosmic mysteries using tools like the Indian X-ray Polarimeter (POLIX) and X-ray Spectroscopy and Timing (XSPECT). With a lifespan of five years, XPoSat will contribute to our understanding of space in the medium energy band.

NISAR: Mapping Earth’s Changes

The joint NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission is set to map the entire planet in just 12 days. Launching in January 2024, NISAR will provide consistent data on Earth’s ecosystems, ice mass, vegetation, and more. This three-year mission aims to understand changes in our environment, aiding in disaster management and environmental monitoring.

INSAT-3DS: Boosting Meteorological Monitoring

Scheduled for launch on January 10, 2024, INSAT-3DS is a meteorological satellite designed for continuous communication. Positioned in geostationary orbit, it will play a crucial role in weather forecasting and environmental monitoring, ensuring a constant connection with ground antennas.

Gaganyaan-1: Preparing for Human Spaceflight

Although the Gaganyaan mission with human astronauts is set for 2025, 2024 is a year of readiness. ISRO plans various tests and uncrewed flights in preparation for the grand human spaceflight. Success in these tests will mark a significant milestone for India in joining the select group of nations with successful human spaceflights.

Mangalyaan-2 (MOM-2): India’s Second Venture to Mars

Almost ten years after the successful Mangalyaan-1, India is gearing up for its second mission to Mars. MOM-2 will carry scientific instruments to study Mars’ landscape, atmosphere, and magnetic field. This mission marks India’s continued exploration of the Red Planet.

Shukrayaan-1: Exploring Venus’ Secrets

Shukrayaan-1, the Venus Orbiter Mission, aims to delve into the mysteries of Venus. Set to launch in 2024, it will study the planet’s atmosphere, geological activities, and unique characteristics. This mission holds the key to understanding Venus’ sulfuric acid clouds and potential biological processes.

Proba-3: Peering into the Sun’s Corona

While an ESA project, Proba-3 will launch aboard ISRO’s PSLV launcher. This mission involves two spacecraft working together to observe the Sun’s corona. Proba-3 will cast a shadow, creating a unique window to study the faint corona in unprecedented detail.

Space Missions For 2024 – Around The World

The year 2024 is gearing up to be a thrilling chapter in space exploration, featuring a slew of missions under NASA’s Artemis initiative and the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program. Let’s take a brief tour of the upcoming cosmic ventures:

Artemis 2

Artemis 2 is set to launch with a Space Launch System rocket, an Orion capsule, and a crew of four. This mission is poised to perform a lunar flyby, marking the first time humans will leave low-Earth orbit since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.

Europa Clipper

NASA’s Europa Clipper, an interplanetary mission, is scheduled to launch on a Falcon Heavy rocket on October 10th, embarking on a journey to Jupiter. Despite launching after ESA’s JUICE, Europa Clipper’s efficient trajectory will make it reach Jupiter earlier, in 2030.

VIPER & Lunar Trailblazer

VIPER, NASA’s automated rover, will venture to the moon’s south pole in search of volatiles like water and carbon dioxide. Accompanying VIPER is Lunar Trailblazer, which will orbit the moon, mapping water molecule locations and measuring surface temperatures.

JAXA MMX Mission

Scheduled for September, JAXA’s MMX mission will explore Mars’ moons, Phobos and Deimos, with a sample-return mission collecting a piece of Phobos. The mission builds on JAXA’s success with asteroid rendezvous missions.


NASA’s Escapade, launching in early August, marks Rocket Lab’s first interplanetary mission. Comprising two orbiters, it aims to monitor Martian space weather.

ESA’s Hera Mission

ESA’s Hera mission revisits the Didymos-Dimorphos asteroid system, previously explored by NASA’s DART mission in 2022. Launching in October 2024, Hera will study the physical properties of these intriguing asteroids.

Active Mission Flybys in 2024

Beyond launches, several spacecraft will engage in flybys in 2024:

  • Juno: Completing a close flyby of Jupiter’s moon Io on February 3rd.
  • Lucky Mission: Making its second Earth flyby on December 13th en route to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids.
  • BepiColombo: Conducting the fourth and fifth flybys of Mercury on September 5th and December 2nd, respectively.
  • Parker Solar Probe: Completing its seventh Venus flyby on November 6th before its closest perihelion on December 24th.

The year ahead promises a cosmic spectacle, blending groundbreaking launches, lunar explorations, and celestial flybys. Stay tuned for a front-row seat to humanity’s ongoing celestial adventures!

With this diverse and ambitious lineup, 2024 promises to be a groundbreaking year for India’s space program. Each mission brings the potential for new discoveries and technological advancements, propelling India further into the global space race. 

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