Know About Batadrava Than Sakha Satra Temple in Assam: Where Rahul Gandhi Was Denied Entry

Nestled in the serene town of Batadrava, approximately 16 km from Nagaon city in Assam, Sri Sri SankarDev’s Batadrava Than Sakha Satra, affectionately known as Bordowa Than, stands as a revered holy prayer house. Covering an expansive 4-acre area, this spiritual haven carries the rich legacy of Srimanta Sankardev, who established it at the young age of 19 in 1494 A.D.

Historical Significance

Bordowa Than holds the distinction of being the first ‘Namghar’ or Than constructed by Sankardev. The rituals conducted at this Satra adhere to the norms of Purush sanghati, emphasizing the teachings of Ekasarana Dharma. The site is encapsulated by a brick wall and boasts two entrances, symbolizing the sacredness within.

Sacred Structures

The heart of the Satra is the Kirtan Ghar, a spacious prayer house originally constructed by Sankardev using impermanent materials. Adjacent to it is the Manikut, a repository for sacred texts, scriptures, and manuscripts. 

The campus features various structures like Natghar (Drama hall), Alohighar (Guest room), Sabhaghar (Assembly hall), Rabhaghar (Music room), Hatipukhuri, Aakashi Ganga, and the festive Doul mandir, creating a harmonious environment for spiritual and cultural activities. Additionally, a mini museum within the premises displays historical articles and artifacts, offering a glimpse into the Satra’s rich past.

Historical Disputes and Reunification

Bordowa Than has weathered historical disputes over ownership, resulting in its division into two Satras – Narowa and Salaguri. However, in a significant turn of events in 1958, both Satras were reunified under the unified banner of ‘Bordowa Than.’ This reunion marked the establishment of a single Namghar, symbolizing unity in devotion.

Management and Rituals

The smooth functioning of rituals and prayers at Bordowa Than is orchestrated by various functionaries appointed by the Sattradhikar, the head of the Satra. This hierarchical management structure ensures the sanctity and orderliness of the spiritual practices within the Satra.

Annual Celebration: Doul Mohotsava

A standout event at Bordowa Than is the grand celebration of “Doul Mohotsava,” an annual festival that attracts devotees from far and wide. This joyous occasion, akin to Holi, brings the community together in a vibrant display of devotion and cultural revelry.

Sankardeva’s Vision

Sankardeva’s profound philosophy, encapsulated in the phrase ‘Ek Deva, Ek Seba, Ek Biney Nahi Kewa’ (One God, One Service, and No Other), resonates throughout Bordowa Than. This vision underscores the Satra’s commitment to unity, simplicity, and unwavering devotion to the divine.


Sri Sri SankarDev’s Batadrava Than Sakha Satra stands not only as a religious landmark but also as a cultural and historical treasure trove, preserving the spiritual essence of Assam and Sankardeva’s enduring legacy. In its sacred precincts, devotees find solace, cultural enthusiasts find inspiration, and history unfolds through the passage of time.

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