Latest Current Affairs: SAHITYA AKADEMI AWARD

Latest current affairs include that the Sahitya Akademi has recently unveiled the recipients of the 2023 Sahitya Akademi Award across 24 languages. Among this year’s winners are nine volumes of poetry, six novels, five collections of short stories, three essays, and one literary study. Awardees will receive the honor in the form of a casket, including an engraved copper plaque, a shawl, and a monetary reward of INR 1,00,000.

Historical Background of Sahitya Akademi Award:

The Sahitya Akademi Award is prestigious literary honors presented by the Sahitya Akademi, which is India’s National Academy of Letters. These awards recognize outstanding literary works in various Indian languages. The award is given by a three-member jury from the relevant language The award is given by a three-member jury from the relevant language.  Here are key details about the Sahitya Akademi Awards:

Purpose of Sahitya Akademi Award:

The primary objective of the Sahitya Akademi Award is to acknowledge and celebrate exceptional contributions to literature across diverse languages in India.


The awards cover works in 24 languages, including major languages like Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and many others. Authors, poets, and writers from these languages are eligible for consideration.

Award Categories:

The awards are presented in various categories such as novels, short stories, poetry, essays, literary criticism, and plays. Each language has its own set of awards in these categories.

Selection Process:

A jury of eminent literary figures is appointed for each language to evaluate the works submitted for consideration. The jury selects outstanding works based on literary merit.


Winning Sahitya Akademi Award is considered a significant recognition of an author’s literary skills. It often brings increased visibility and prestige to the recipient.

Presentation Ceremony:

Sahitya Akademi Award is typically presented in a formal ceremony organized by the Sahitya Akademi. This event is attended by prominent literary figures, scholars, and dignitaries.

Sahitya Akademi Fellowship:

In addition to the awards, the Sahitya Akademi also confers the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, a lifetime achievement award, to writers who have made a substantial and lasting contribution to literature.

Literary Diversity:

The Sahitya Akademi Awards play a crucial role in promoting and preserving the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of Indian literature by recognizing outstanding works in various languages.

Impact on Literature:

Winning or being nominated for a Sahitya Akademi Award often has a profound impact on an author’s career, contributing to the broader recognition and appreciation of their literary endeavors.

Sahitya Akademi Library:

The Sahitya Akademi maintains a comprehensive library that houses a vast collection of literary works in different languages, contributing to the promotion and dissemination of Indian literature.

2023 Sahitya Akademi Award winners

  • a.) Hindi: Sanjeev for his novel Mujhe Pehchano
  • b.)  English: Neelam Sharan Gaur for her novel Requiem in Raag Janaki
  • c.)  Urdu: Sadiqa Nawab Sahar for her novel Rajdev Ki Amrai
  • d.)  Assamese: Pranavjyoti Deka for his short stories in Dr Pranavjyoti Dekar Srestha Galpa
  • e.)  Bengali: Swapnamay Chakrabarti for his novel Jaler Upar Pani
  • f.)  Bodo: Nandeswar Daimari for his short stories in Jiu-Safarni Dakhwn
  • g.)  Dogri: Vijay Verma for his poetry in Daun Sadiyan Ek Seer
  • h.)  Santali: Taraceen Baskey for his short stories
  • i.)  Kannada: Lakshmisha Tolpadi for his essays in Mahabharatha Anusandhana Bharathayatre

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