Pakistan Looks to Buy New Chinese Fighter Jets: What You Need to Know

As a part of the latest current affairs that took place, recent reports suggest that Pakistan is talking to China about getting a type of fighter jet called the J-31, similar to American planes like the F-35 and F-22. These new jets could replace older F-16s that Pakistan currently uses.

Pakistan’s Current Jets

Pakistan already has Chinese-made JF-17 Thunder jets, which they make together in Pakistan. They also got 25 J-10C Vigorous Dragon planes in 2022 to counter India’s purchase of French Rafale jets. Getting the J-31 would make Pakistan’s Air Force even stronger.

About the J-31 Plane

The J-31 is still being worked on by China and is not yet part of their Air Force. It’s supposed to be a smaller stealth fighter, kind of like what might land on aircraft carriers. Even though some Chinese planes had problems before, China keeps making new ones to compete with the US.

India’s Fighter Jets

Unlike Pakistan, India doesn’t have any stealth fighter jets right now. They are making their own called the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA), but it might only be ready around 2030. Right now, most of China’s planes are better, with more modern 4th and 5th generation fighters.

What This Means for the Region

If Pakistan gets these advanced J-31 jets, it could make up for not being sure about future US help. Even though it won’t change the number of planes compared to India, it would still make Pakistan’s Air Force stronger. India is also trying to upgrade its planes with newer 4th and 5th generation fighters. So, Pakistan getting J-31s shows they want more control over their air power without depending too much on the US. But for now, India is ahead in making their own stealth fighters.

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