Sachin Tendulkar Condemns Deepfake Misuse in Shocking Video Scandal

Renowned cricketer Sachin Tendulkar finds himself entangled in the web of deepfake controversy, as a fabricated video circulates on social media, falsely endorsing the gaming app “Skyward Aviator Quest.” The disturbing trend of deepfake technology has once again targeted a prominent figure, leading Mr. Tendulkar to address the issue with a call for awareness and action.

The Deepfake Incident:

A deepfake video featuring Sachin Tendulkar not only promotes the gaming app but also makes false claims about financial benefits accruing to his daughter, Sara. The ‘master blaster’ expressed his dismay on social media, urging people to report such misleading content in large numbers.

Understanding Deepfakes:

Deepfakes, a form of synthetic media crafted through artificial intelligence, employ advanced algorithms to manipulate both visual and audio elements. The term gained prominence in 2017, and since then, the technology has evolved into a potential weapon for cybercriminals, posing threats to individuals, companies, and governments alike.

Evolution of Deepfake Technology:

Initially introduced on a Reddit platform for sharing manipulated videos, deepfake technology has since grown into a sophisticated tool, capable of causing significant harm to the reputation of public figures.

The Dangers of Deepfake Videos

The proliferation of deepfake videos has raised serious concerns due to their potential harm. Understanding why these synthetic media creations pose a threat is crucial for addressing the challenges they present.

Manipulation of Reality:

One of the primary reasons deepfake videos are harmful is their ability to manipulate reality. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, these videos can convincingly alter visual and audio elements, creating misleading content that blurs the line between truth and fiction.

Damage to Reputation:

Deepfake technology, when misused, can cause significant harm to the reputation of individuals. By crafting fabricated videos, cybercriminals can tarnish the image of public figures, celebrities, or even ordinary people, leading to real-world consequences and damage to personal and professional lives.

Spread of Misinformation:

The ease with which deepfake videos can be created and shared amplifies the risk of spreading misinformation. False narratives, manipulated endorsements, or fabricated statements can quickly circulate on social media, influencing public perception and distorting the truth.

Potential for Cybersecurity Threats:

Deepfakes pose a potential cybersecurity threat, as they can be exploited for malicious purposes. The ability to convincingly impersonate individuals in videos raises concerns about the misuse of deepfake technology for fraudulent activities, political manipulation, or corporate espionage.

Impact on Trust:

The prevalence of deepfake videos erodes trust in digital content. As viewers become increasingly aware of the potential for manipulated media, skepticism about the authenticity of online information grows. This erosion of trust can have broader implications for media consumption and public discourse.

Social and Psychological Consequences:

Beyond the immediate consequences, deepfake videos can have social and psychological impacts. Individuals may question the authenticity of digital interactions, leading to a breakdown in trust among peers. The emotional toll on those targeted by deepfakes can be substantial, affecting mental well-being.


The deepfake scandal involving Sachin Tendulkar underscores the pressing need for heightened vigilance on social media platforms. As the misuse of technology continues to grow, individuals and authorities must collaborate to combat the spread of deepfakes and protect the integrity of public figures and their digital presence.

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