Today’s Current Affairs MCQs: 20th March 2024

1. When is International Day of Happiness celebrated every year?

  1. 9th March
  2. 21st March
  3. 20th March
  4. 22nd March

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Correct Answer: 21st March

International Day of Happiness is celebrated every year on 20 March. Since 2013, the United Nations celebrates this day to ac- knowledge the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. The United Nations launched 17 Sustainable Develop- ment Goals in 2015 to eliminate poverty, reduce poverty and pro- tect our planet, the three core goals that lead to well-being and happiness.

2. When is World Sparrow Day celebrated every year?

  1. 20th March
  2. 22nd March
  3. 21st March
  4. 23rd March

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Correct Answer: 20th March

 World Sparrow Day World Sparrow Day is celebrated on 20 March to raise awareness about the conservation of sparrows. On this day people also celebrate shopping among sparrows, love towards sparrows, awareness about their importance in our lives etc.

3. When and how long is the recent joint military exercise ‘Shlamitiye-2024’ being held?

  1. From 17th to 25th March
  2. From 20th to 29th March
  3. From 16th to 22nd March
  4. From 18th to 27th March

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Correct Answer: From 18th to 27th March

Joint military exercise Shlamitiye-2024′ is being organized from 18 to 27 March. A contingent of the Indian Army will participate in the 10th edition of joint military exercise Lamitiye with the Seychelles Defense Forces. Exercise Lamitiye 2024 is important to boost cooperation between India and Seychelles.

4. Which country will recently legalise aid in dying?

  1. China
  2. India
  3. France 
  4. Japan

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Correct Answer: France 

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced plans to in- troduce new laws that would legalize aid in dying for adults facing end-of-life illnesses. The historic decision follows a report last year indicating strong public support for end-of-life choices in France.

5. When is World Oral Health Day celebrated every year?

  1. 20th March
  2. 21st March 
  3. 22nd March
  4. 23rd March

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Correct Answer: 20th March

World Human Health Day is celebrated globally on 20 March every year with the primary objective of making significant contributions to human health. The day is celebrated on 20 March to encompass the wonderful aspects of good health, spread awareness about good health and promote cleanliness.

6. Where has India’s first indoor athletics and aquatics center been inaugurated recently?

  1. Chennai
  2. Bhubaneswar
  3. Kolkata
  4. New Delhi

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Correct Answer: Bhubaneswar

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated India’s first indoor ath- letics center as well as a state-of-the-art indoor aquatic hub at the Kalinga Stadium. He also laid the foundation stone of the indoor diving center in the stadium premises itself. Naveen Patnaik said that these new indoor facilities will help the athletes to practice and participate in competitions throughout the year without any weather hassles.

7. In which country has India’s Numaligarh Refinery Limited re- cently inaugurated its first international office?

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. UAE
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Pakistan

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Correct Answer: Bangladesh

Recently Numaligarh Refinery Limited inaugurated its first inter- national office in Dhaka Bangladesh. India-based Numaligarh Re- finery Limited has inaugurated its first overseas office in Dhaka Bangladesh, marking a significant expansion of its operations be- yond national borders.

8. Who has recently been appointed as the new president of CBSE?

  1. Rahul Singh
  2. Narendra Garg
  3. Nitin Mishra
  4. None of these

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Correct Answer: Rahul Singh

Recently, IAS officer Rahul Singh has been made the new CBSE Chairman. Earlier, IAS Nidhi Chhibber was the head of CBSE. These decisions have come as part of the large-scale administra- tive review in the top level management by the Government of India. Now Rahul Singh will take over the entire responsibility of the Central Board of Secondary Education.

9. Who has been declared the National Disabled Icon by the Election Commission?

  1. Azim Premji
  2. Sheetal Devi
  3. Sudha Murthy
  4. None of these

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Correct Answer: Sheetal Devi

 Iconic Para Aeronautics and Arjuna Award winner Sheetal Devi has been declared a national icon in the false category. The Election Commission of India, in collaboration with the Board of Control for Cricket in India, organized a show cricket match between the Indian Deaf Cricket Association team and the Delhi and District Cricket Association team. This announcement was made during this time.

10. Recently, what has Fitch Ratings estimated India’s growth rate for the financial year 2025?

  1. 6.5%
  2. 7.2%
  3. 7.0% 
  4. 8.2%

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Correct Answer: 7.0% 

Recently India’s GDP growth rate estimate for the current and next financial year has been revised. The agency expects the economy to continue its strong expansion. The agency has re- duced its forecast for China. The company has cited the property crisis in China as the reason behind this.

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