Who Is The World’s Richest Person? No, It’s Not Elon Musk!

On January 29, 2024, a notable shift occurred in the realm of wealth, with Bernard Arnault, the Chairman and CEO of Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), surpassing Elon Musk to claim the title of the world’s richest man. This change was reflected in the latest Forbes ranking, where the net worth of the French tycoon and his family soared to $207.6 billion following a substantial $23.6 billion increase.

Financial Battle Between Musk and Arnault

The financial dynamics between Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault have been akin to a tug-of-war since 2022. However, the recent turn of events saw Mr. Arnault securing the coveted top spot late in the same year.

Market Valuations Tell the Tale

The report highlighted that on a fateful Friday, Mr. Arnault’s net worth surpassed that of Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, whose net worth experienced a significant 13% decline, losing more than $18 billion. 

This shift coincided with a noteworthy decrease in Tesla’s market capitalization, which stands at $586.14 billion, in contrast to LVMH’s $388.8 billion. Notably, LVMH is the conglomerate behind renowned luxury brands such as Dior, Bulgari, and Sephora.

Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List

As per the latest Forbes real-time billionaires list, the top 10 wealthiest individuals globally are as follows:

  1. Bernard Arnault & Family ($207.6 billion)
  2. Elon Musk ($204.7 billion)
  3. Jeff Bezos ($181.3 billion)
  4. Larry Ellison ($142.2 billion)
  5. Mark Zuckerberg ($139.1 billion)
  6. Warren Buffett ($127.2 billion)

About Elon Musk

Elon Musk, a prominent figure in the tech and business world, is a South African-born entrepreneur and innovator known for his transformative contributions to various industries. Born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa, Musk’s journey has been characterized by his audacious vision, tenacity, and groundbreaking ventures.

Founding Ventures

Musk co-founded Zip2, a city guide software for newspapers, in 1996. The success of this venture laid the groundwork for subsequent endeavors. In 1999, Compaq acquired Zip2, providing Musk with his initial major financial success.

PayPal and Financial Ventures

Elon Musk’s influence expanded with the founding of X.com in 1999, an online payment company. This eventually merged with Confinity to become PayPal. eBay later acquired PayPal in 2002, marking another lucrative chapter in Musk’s career.

Space Exploration with SpaceX

Musk’s ambition reached new heights with the founding of SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.) in 2002. The company aimed to reduce space transportation costs and enable the colonization of Mars. SpaceX achieved several milestones, including the development of the Falcon and Starship rockets, contributing to the revitalization of space exploration.

Electric Cars and Tesla

Tesla Motors, founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, faced financial challenges until Musk took the lead as chairman of the board in 2004 and later as CEO. 

Musk’s vision for electric cars and renewable energy transformed Tesla into a major player in the automotive industry. The success of Tesla’s electric vehicles, like the Model S and Model 3, propelled the company’s market valuation to unprecedented heights.

SolarCity and Renewable Energy

Musk’s interest in sustainable energy extended to SolarCity, a solar energy services company founded by his cousins. Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016, integrating solar solutions into its portfolio and reinforcing Musk’s commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies.

The Boring Company and Hyperloop

In 2016, Musk founded The Boring Company, aiming to reduce urban traffic congestion through underground tunnel systems. Additionally, Musk proposed the Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation concept involving passenger pods in low-pressure tubes, showcasing his dedication to disruptive transportation solutions.

Neuralink and AI Advancements

Musk’s ventures also extend to the field of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Neuralink, founded in 2016, focuses on developing brain-machine interface technologies to enhance human cognition and address potential risks associated with advanced AI.

Elon Musk’s impact on technology, transportation, and space exploration has solidified his status as one of the most influential and polarizing figures in the contemporary business landscape. His ability to conceptualize and execute ambitious projects continues to shape the future trajectory of various industries.

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