Early Medieval South India GK MCQs With Answer & Explanation in English

Early Medieval South India marks a significant epoch in the region’s history, characterized by dynamic socio-political changes, cultural evolution, and economic transformations. Spanning from the 6th to the 12th century, this period witnessed the rise of powerful dynasties, the emergence of distinctive art and architecture, and the interplay of various religious and social influences.

MCQs with Answers and Explanations:

1. Which Vakataka ruler was accorded the title ‘samrat’?

  1. Vindhyasakti
  2. Pravarasena
  3. Rudrasena II
  4. None of the above

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Correct Answer: Pravarasena

Among the Vakataka rulers, Pravarasena, the father of Vindhyasakti, held the exclusive title of ‘samrat.’ He was known for his grand accomplishments, which included performing Vajapeya and four Ashvamedha sacrifices, highlighting his imperial status.

2. During which period did King Mayurasharma of the Kadamba dynasty rule from Banavasi?

  1. A.D. 330 to 345
  2. A.D. 335 to 355
  3. A.D. 345 to 365
  4. None of the above

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Correct Answer: A.D. 345 to 365

Mayurasharma, a prominent king and administrator of the Kadamba dynasty, reigned from Banavasi between A.D. 345 and 365. He is regarded as one of the most influential rulers of the Kadamba dynasty, governing over the region with great authority.

3. Who succeeded the Ikshavakus in the Krishna-Guntur region?

  1. Pallavas
  2. Gangas
  3. Kalabhras
  4. Pandyas

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Correct Answer: Pallavas

The Pallavas succeeded the Ikshavakus in the Krishna-Guntur region, establishing their prominence. They were originally a local tribe and expanded their empire to encompass both southern Andhra and northern Tamil Nadu.

4. Who founded their rule in northern Karnataka and the Konkan in the fourth century A.D.?

  1. Vakatakas
  2. Ikshavakus
  3. Kadambas
  4. Kalabhras

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Correct Answer: Kadambas

The Kadambas, an ancient royal family of Karnataka, founded their rule in northern Karnataka and the Konkan region during the 4th century A.D. During this period, they engaged in conflicts with the Pallavas.

5. Who ruled in southern Karnataka in the 4th century A.D. and were contemporaries of the Pallavas?

  1. Kadambas
  2. Gangas
  3. Cheras
  4. Kalabhras

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Correct Answer: Gangas

The Gangas ruled over southern Karnataka in the 4th century A.D. and coexisted with the Pallavas. Their kingdom was situated between the Pallavas in the east and the Kadambas in the west.

6. Where did the eastern Gangas rule in the 5th century?

  1. Patliputra
  2. Tamralipti
  3. Kannauj
  4. Kalinga

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Correct Answer: Kalinga

The eastern Gangas, also known as the Gangas of Kalinga, held sway in Kalinga during the 5th century. They are sometimes referred to as the western Gangas or the Gangas of Mysore to distinguish them from the eastern Gangas.

7. Who started the practice of land grants in the Krishna-Guntur region?

  1. Chalukyas
  2. Kalabhras
  3. Ikshavakus
  4. Pallavas

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Correct Answer: Ikshavakus

The Ikshavakus, a local tribe, rose to power in the Krishna-Guntur region following the decline of the Satavahanas. They introduced the practice of land grants in the region and were responsible for constructing numerous monuments.

8. Who was the founder of the Kadamba dynasty?

  1. Vidhyashakti
  2. Mayursharman
  3. Kakusthavarma
  4. None of the above

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Correct Answer: Mayursharman

The Kadamba dynasty was founded by Mayurasharman, who secured a notable victory over the Pallavas with the assistance of forest tribes. In recognition of their authority, the Pallavas presented him with royal insignia.

9. What was the capital of the Kadambas?

  1. Kanchi
  2. Madurai
  3. Vaijayanti
  4. Kolar

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Correct Answer: Vaijayanti

The Kadambas established their capital at Vaijayanti, also known as Banavasi, in the north Kanara district of Karnataka. Claiming Brahmanical lineage, they issued numerous land grants to the Jainas.

10. Where was the earliest capital of the Gangas located?

  1. Banavasi
  2. Kolar
  3. Madurai
  4. Kanchi

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Correct Answer: Kolar

The earliest capital of the Gangas was situated near Kolar, known for its abundant gold resources, which the Gangas extensively utilized. They were patrons of Buddhist monasteries during their rule.

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