Today’s Current Affairs MCQs/ GK Quiz 12th December 2023

These current affairs today are a part of our daily current affairs. We cover a wide range of topics from state, national, and international news that are relevant and important for competitive exams. Our team prepares today’s current affairs after going through many newspapers, such as The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, PRS, etc.

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UN Peacekeeping Mission in Mali Ends After a Decade

  • The United Nations has officially concluded its peacekeeping mission in Mali after 10 years. 
  • The decision comes in response to the Malian government’s view that the mission fell short in addressing the rising threat of violent extremism. 
  • Mali has been grappling with an Islamic extremist insurgency since 2012, making this peacekeeping operation the deadliest globally, with over 300 personnel casualties.

China Introduces World’s First 4th-Generation Nuclear Reactor

  • China has reached a significant milestone in its shift away from traditional coal-fired power plants by unveiling the world’s first 4th-generation nuclear reactor. 
  • The Shidao Bay nuclear power plant in eastern Shandong province has started commercial operations, featuring next-generation gas-cooled nuclear reactors. 
  • The plant stands out for using domestically developed technology, with over 90% of its equipment being of Chinese design.

Donald Tusk Elected Prime Minister of Poland

  • Poland’s parliament elected Donald Tusk as Prime Minister in a historic vote on December 11. 
  • Tusk, a former EU leader, returns to the position after nearly a decade, marking a notable departure from eight years of conservative rule. 
  • His leadership is expected to bring in a new pro-European era, focusing on restoring democratic standards and enhancing Poland’s relations with the European Union. 
  • The parliamentary vote in favor of Tusk was 248-201 in the 460-seat lower house.

Bhajan Lal Sharma to Lead Rajasthan as Chief Minister

  • Bhajan Lal Sharma, a prominent figure in Rajasthan’s political landscape, is set to become the state’s next Chief Minister at the age of 56. 
  • His extensive political experience and achievements make him a strategic choice for leadership. 
  • With Diya Kumari and Premchand Bairwa named as his deputies and Vasudev Devnani as the Speaker, all eyes are on the new leadership to address challenges and contribute to Rajasthan’s development.

Mohan Yadav Emerges as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh

  • The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has officially declared Mohan Yadav as the chief minister-elect for Madhya Pradesh, consolidating its victory in the November 17 polls.
  • Rajendra Shukla and Jagdish Devda have been appointed as deputy chief ministers, bringing diverse perspectives to support Chief Minister Mohan Yadav. 
  • Additionally, Narendra Tomar takes on the crucial role of Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker, ensuring smooth legislative proceedings.

India and Vietnam Armies Commence Joint Exercise in Hanoi

  • The Indian and Vietnamese Armies have started an 11-day military exercise in Vietnam, named “VINBAX-23,” from December 11 to 21. 
  • This collaborative effort underscores the deepening strategic partnership between the two nations in response to shared concerns over China’s actions in the South China Sea. 
  • The exercise aims to enhance interoperability and foster a collaborative partnership between the Indian and Vietnamese forces.

Bank of India Launches Nari Shakti Savings Account for Women

  • Bank of India has taken a significant step in women’s financial empowerment by introducing the Nari Shakti Savings Account. 
  • Tailored for women aged 18 and above with an independent income source, this savings account aims to foster economic independence. 
  • The bank pledges to contribute Rs. 10/- to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund for every new Nari Shakti Account opened, dedicated to the socio-economic development of underprivileged women and girls, showcasing a commitment to social responsibility.

Universal Health Coverage Day 2023: A Call for Action

  • Every year on December 12, Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day reminds the world of the crucial need for a healthcare system that offers fair and comprehensive health services while providing financial protection for everyone. 
  • The theme for UHC Day 2023, “Health For All: Time for Action,” emphasizes the urgency for leaders to implement policies ensuring equal access to essential health services without causing financial hardship. 
  • Established by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 2012, this day highlights the significance of progressing toward universal health coverage as a vital global development priority.

International Day Of Neutrality 2023: Promoting Global Peace

  • The International Day of Neutrality, observed every December 12, plays a crucial role in promoting global peace, sovereignty, and conflict resolution through diplomatic means. 
  • Recognized by the United Nations, this day focuses on the importance of countries adopting a neutral stance in international affairs to maintain impartiality and contribute to global security. 
  • Neutrality, as defined by the United Nations, is a legal status resulting from a nation’s decision to abstain from participating in wars between other states. 
  • It involves maintaining an impartial attitude towards belligerent parties, aiming to foster peace and avoid taking sides in conflicts.

‘NAMO Drone Didi’ Scheme: Empowering Women in Agriculture with Drones

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative, the ‘NAMO Drone Didi’ scheme announced on November 30, aims to empower 15,000 women Self Help Groups (SHGs) by providing drones for agricultural purposes. 
  • This innovative approach leverages technology to empower rural women, placing them at the forefront of the agricultural revolution. 
  • The scheme addresses the need for modernizing agricultural practices and boosting productivity. 
  • By providing cutting-edge drone technology to rural women, the initiative transforms them into key contributors to the rural economy. 
  • Additionally, it opens doors for young start-ups to explore the untapped potential of drone aeronautics.

PM SVANidhi Scheme Disburses Rs 9,790 Crore in Loans to Street Vendors

  • The PM Street Vendor’s AtmaNirbhar Nidhi (PM SVANidhi) scheme, initiated during the COVID-19 outbreak, has played a vital role in supporting urban street vendors. 
  • Functioning as a micro-credit program, the scheme has successfully distributed a substantial total of Rs 9,790 crore in loans to beneficiaries, as revealed by the government in the Rajya Sabha on Monday. 
  • The primary goal of the PM SVANidhi scheme is to offer collateral-free working capital loans to urban street vendors, with amounts extending up to Rs 50,000. 
  • The number of street vendor beneficiaries has consistently risen, reaching 56,58,744 as of December 5, 2023. 
  • Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri emphasized the ongoing success of the scheme in reaching and aiding an increasing number of urban street vendors.

Tata Power and Indian Oil Collaborate for 500+ EV Charging Points at Pumps

  • In a significant move to strengthen the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in India, Tata Power EV Charging Solutions Ltd (TPEVCSL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). 
  • The partnership aims to establish over 500 EV charging points across the country, with a specific focus on developing a robust intercity charging network. 
  • The strategic collaboration between Tata Power and IOCL primarily intends to build a reliable and expansive intercity charging network. 
  • By strategically placing EV charging points in major cities and along key highways, the partnership aims to enhance the convenience and accessibility of charging infrastructure. 
  • The EV charging points will be strategically located in key cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Kochi.

Golden Globe Awards Nominations for 2024 Revealed

  • The anticipation for the 2024 awards season heightened as the nominees for the 81st annual Golden Globe Awards were unveiled. 
  • “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” emerged as frontrunners, garnering significant attention with 10 and 8 nominations, respectively. 
  • In the television categories, HBO’s “Succession” led with nine nominations for its final session. 
  • Netflix emerged as the leading media company with 28 nominations, showcasing its diverse lineup of series and movies, including “Maestro,” 
  • “The Crown,” and “The Diplomat.” Warner Bros. Discovery closely followed with 27 nominations, buoyed by recognition for “Barbie,” “Succession,” and “Barry.”

Veteran Actor Kabir Bedi Receives Italy’s ‘Order of Merit’

  • Kabir Bedi was honored with the “Order of Merit of the Italian Republic,” Italy’s highest civilian award, at a private event in Mumbai.
  • This prestigious accolade recognizes his unwavering affinity and passionate commitment to Italy. 
  • Established on March 3, 1951, the order is conferred upon individuals who have made notable contributions to various fields, including arts, literature, economy, public service, and social, philanthropic, and humanitarian activities.

Indian Scientist Dr. Hemachandran Ravikumar Earns Karmaveer Chakra Medal-2023

  • In a significant ceremony on Nov 27, 2023, in New Delhi, Dr. Hemachandran Ravikumar was honored with the Karmaveer Chakra Medal and Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship by ICONGO in collaboration with the United Nations. 
  • This recognition applauds his exceptional contributions to R&D in Physical & Bio-Science and Microbiological Studies. 
  • The Rex Karmaveer Chakra Medal, one of the most distinguished civilian honors, is reserved for individuals who have showcased exceptional contributions on a global scale towards the well-being of humanity.

Noted Hindi Writer Pushpa Bharati to Receive 33rd Vyas Samman

  • The literary community is set to rejoice as the 33rd Vyas Samman, 2023, is announced to honor accomplished Hindi writer Pushpa Bharati for her 2016 memoir, “Yaadein, Yaadein aur Yaadein.” 
  • Instituted in 1991, the Vyas Samman, presented by the KK Birla Foundation, recognizes outstanding contributions to Hindi literature. 
  • Born in 1935 in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, Pushpa Bharati, with a career spanning decades, has crafted a diverse body of work, earning critical acclaim for her unique writing style and language proficiency. 
  • The award includes a cash prize of ₹4 lakh, a citation, and a plaque, acknowledging the profound impact of the recipient’s contribution to the literary landscape.

Travis Head Clinches ICC Men’s Player Of The Month Award – November 2023

  • The cricketing world celebrated exceptional performances in November 2023, with Australian batsman Travis Head securing the prestigious ICC Men’s Player of the Month award. 
  • Head played a crucial role in Australia’s triumphant journey to their sixth ICC Cricket World Cup title. 
  • His standout performance included a thrilling century in the semi-final against South Africa, earning him the Player of the Match accolade. 
  • Additionally, Head’s pivotal contributions in the blockbuster final against India in Ahmedabad further solidified his claim to the Player of the Month award. 
  • His explosive batting, leadership, and impactful performances in high-stakes matches distinguished him as a standout player.

Asad Shafiq Announces Retirement from All Cricket Formats

  • Pakistan’s cricketing community bids farewell to one of its stalwarts as middle-order batsman Asad Shafiq announces his retirement from all forms of the game at the age of 37. 
  • Representing Pakistan in 77 Tests, 60 ODIs, and 10 T20Is, Shafiq showcased his skills as a dependable Test batsman in varied conditions. 
  • Renowned for his composure and ability to navigate challenging situations, he played a pivotal role in stabilizing Pakistan’s middle order. 
  • Shafiq’s retirement marks the end of an era, signifying the departure of a reliable backbone for the team in the longest format.

Renowned AIDS Activist Dr. Gao Yaojie Passes Away at 95

  • Dr. Gao Yaojie, a pioneering Chinese doctor and AIDS activist, has passed away at the age of 95 in her U.S. residence. 
  • Her impactful work as a gynecologist brought attention to the dire consequences of blood banks using unhygienic needles and pooling leftover blood for transfusions. 
  • Dr. Gao emerged as China’s leading AIDS activist, uncovering blood-selling schemes that led to thousands being infected with HIV. 
  • Known for her fearless efforts to expose the AIDS epidemic in rural China during the 1990s, her legacy as a champion for health awareness and advocacy lives on.

1. Who was awarded the ICC Men’s Player of the Month for November 2023?

  1. Asad Shafiq
  2. Travis Head
  3. Mohan Yadav
  4. Nahida Akter

Show Answer

Correct Answer: Travis Head

Travis Head received the ICC Men’s Player of the Month award for his outstanding performances in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

2. In which match did Travis Head score a century during the ICC Cricket World Cup?

  1. Final against India
  2. Semi-final against South Africa
  3. Group stage match
  4. Quarter-final against England

Show Answer

Correct Answer: Semi-final against South Africa

Travis Head scored a thrilling century in the semi-final against South Africa, earning him the Player of the Match accolade.

3. Why did Asad Shafiq announce his retirement from cricket?

  1. Poor performance
  2. Personal choice
  3. Injury
  4. Age

Show Answer

Correct Answer: Personal choice

Asad Shafiq announced his retirement from all forms of cricket at the age of 37, marking it as a personal decision.

4. What role did Asad Shafiq play in Pakistan’s cricket team?

  1. Fast bowler
  2. Wicketkeeper
  3. Opening batsman
  4. Middle-order batsman

Show Answer

Correct Answer: Middle-order batsman

Asad Shafiq served as a dependable middle-order batsman for Pakistan, showcasing his skills in Test cricket.

5. What was Dr. Gao Yaojie known for her activism?

  1. Environmental advocacy
  2. AIDS awareness
  3. Women’s rights
  4. Educational reform

Show Answer

Correct Answer: AIDS awareness

Dr. Gao Yaojie was a pioneering Chinese doctor and AIDS activist, known for her efforts to expose the AIDS epidemic in rural China and uncover blood-selling schemes.

6. What prompted the United Nations to end its peacekeeping mission in Mali after 10 years?

  1. Successful resolution of conflicts
  2. Malian government’s dissatisfaction with addressing extremism
  3. Lack of funding
  4. Peaceful situation in Mali

Show Answer

Correct Answer: Malian government’s dissatisfaction with addressing extremism

The decision to conclude the peacekeeping mission was based on the Malian government’s belief that the mission did not effectively address the escalating threat of violent extremism.

7. What makes the Shidao Bay nuclear power plant in China notable in its operations?

  1. Use of traditional pressurized water cooling systems
  2. Reliance on foreign technologies
  3. Feature of gas-cooled nuclear reactors
  4. Majority of equipment from international suppliers

Show Answer

Correct Answer: Feature of gas-cooled nuclear reactors

The Shidao Bay nuclear power plant in China distinguishes itself by using next-generation gas-cooled nuclear reactors in its commercial operations.

8. Who was elected as the Prime Minister of Poland in the historic vote on December 11?

  1. Andrzej Duda
  2. Donald Tusk
  3. Jarosław Kaczyński
  4. Mateusz Morawiecki

Show Answer

Correct Answer: Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk, a former EU leader, was elected as the Prime Minister of Poland in the parliamentary vote on December 11, marking a shift from conservative rule.

9. Who is set to become the next Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

  1. Mohan Yadav
  2. Diya Kumari
  3. Bhajan Lal Sharma
  4. Premchand Bairwa

Show Answer

Correct Answer: Bhajan Lal Sharma

Bhajan Lal Sharma, a prominent figure in Rajasthan’s political landscape, is poised to become the next Chief Minister of the state.

10. What position does Narendra Tomar take on in Madhya Pradesh?

  1. Chief Minister
  2. Deputy Chief Minister
  3. Assembly Speaker
  4. Home Minister

Show Answer

Correct Answer: Assembly Speaker

Narendra Tomar assumes the crucial role of Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker, responsible for ensuring smooth legislative proceedings.

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