Today’s Current Affairs MCQs/ GK Quiz 3rd February 2024

1. Which ministry has allocated the highest budget in the Interim Budget 2024?

  1. Ministry of Defense
  2. Ministry of Education
  3. Ministry of Railways
  4. Ministry of Home Affairs

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Correct Answer: Ministry of Defense

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has presented the interim Budget 2024 in Parliament. This was the sixth time that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget. He also presented his first interim budget of his tenure. According to the documents received of the interim budget, the Defense Ministry has been given the highest allocation with Rs 6.1 lakh crore. After this, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is in second place with Rs 2.78 lakh crore. India’s 2023 INR5. 94 trillion (USD73. 8 billion) defence budget makes it the third largest globally behind the United States and China.

2. Which state government has decided to launch a mass drug administration campaign to eliminate filariasis?

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Haryana
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Rajasthan

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Correct Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has decided to launch an annual mass drug administration campaign as part of the mission to eliminate filariasis from the state. This campaign will be run from 5 to 15 February. This campaign will be organized in 17 districts of the state. India aims to eliminate filariasis by 2027, three years ahead of the global target. Filariasis is a parasitic infection caused by microscopic, thread-like worms known as filariae. Lymphatic filariasis is caused by infection with parasites classified as nematodes (roundworms) of the family Filariodidea.

3. Which payments bank has recently been banned by the Reserve Bank of India from accepting new deposits after February 29, 2024?

  1. Airtel Payment Bank
  2. Paytm Payment Bank
  3. Fino Payment Bank
  4. Jio Payment Bank

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Correct Answer: Paytm Payment Bank

Paytm Payments Bank has been ordered by the RBI to stop accepting fresh deposits in its accounts or popular wallets after February 29, 2024. Earlier, the Central Bank had imposed a ban on adding new customers to the bank in March 2022. Right now all services will remain normal till 29th February but after that many services related to Payments Bank will be closed. It is noteworthy that One97 Communications holds 49 percent stake in Paytm Payments Bank.

4. Which raising day has the Indian Coast Guard celebrated on 01 February 2024?

  1. 46th
  2. 49th
  3. 44th
  4. 48th

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Correct Answer: 48th

Angkor Wat is the largest The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) celebrated its 48th Raising Day on 1st February 2024. The interim Indian Coast Guard (ICG) came into being on 1st February 1977. The purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the importance of the Coast Guard. The ICG in its present shape was formally inaugurated on 18th August 1978 as an independent armed force of the Union government. According to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, ICG department is ranked as the fourth largest Coast Guard in the world.monument globally, symbolizing the transition from Hinduism to Buddhism.

5. Which airport has recently been given the status of International Airport by the Government of India?

  1. Dibrugarh Airport
  2. Birsa Munda Airport
  3. Surat Airport
  4. Ayodhya Airport

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Correct Answer: Surat Airport

The Government of India recently declared Surat Airport in Gujarat as an International Airport. This declaration was made through an official notification issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The announcement follows the inauguration of a new terminal building at Surat Airport by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, constructed for Rs 353 crore. Surat Airport is presently connected to 14 domestic cities and internationally to Sharjah. With a runway of 2906 X 45 meters and a terminal building area of 8474 square meters, Surat Airport is capable of handling Code ‘C’ type of aircraft.

6. Where was the 12th India-Oman Joint Military Cooperation Committee meeting held in January 2024?

  1. New Delhi, India
  2. Muscat, Oman
  3. Gandhinagar, India
  4. Salalah, Oman

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Correct Answer: Muscat, Oman

India and Oman signed a MoU to strengthen defense cooperation. The 12th Joint Military Cooperation Committee (JMCC) meeting co-chaired by Defence Secretary Shri Giridhar Aramane was held in Muscat, Oman. The meeting aimed to strengthen defence cooperation between India and Oman. Discussions during the JMCC meeting focused on various areas of collaboration, including training, joint exercises, information sharing, oceanography, shipbuilding, and maintenance, to enhance mutual trust and interoperability between the two nations’ militaries.

7. Which swimmer has bagged 5 medals at the Khelo India Youth Games 2023?

  1. Vritti Agarwal from Telangana
  2. Sanjana from Haryana
  3. Keerthana from Tamil Nadu
  4. Aarti Tatguni from Maharashtra

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Correct Answer: Vritti Agarwal from Telangana

Swimmer Vritti Agarwal of Telangana won 5 gold medals in KIYG 2023. Vritti Agarwal hails from Telangana and showcased outstanding performance in swimming events. Vritti Agarwal won gold medals in the 200m butterfly, 1500m freestyle, 800m freestyle, 400m freestyle, and 200m freestyle events. Her remarkable achievement demonstrates her exceptional talent and dedication in swimming. Vritti Agarwal’s success highlights the importance of nurturing young talent in sports across India. Her performance serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and reflects the spirit of excellence in Indian sports.

8. AU Small Finance Bank has appointed which Ex RBI Dy Governor as its non-executive chairman?

  1. Swaminathan J Reddy
  2. M Rajeshwar Rao
  3. Harun Rashid Khan
  4. Radha Shyam Ratho

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Correct Answer: Harun Rashid Khan

Harun Rashid Khan, former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), appointed as non-executive chairman of AU Small Finance Bank. Khan’s tenure began on January 30, 2024, until the completion of his first tenure as Independent Director of the Bank on December 27, 2024. Khan brings over four decades of experience in banking, finance, payment systems, and financial markets.

9. Who has been sworn in as a Member of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)?

  1. Sheel Vardhan Singh
  2. Dinesh Dasa
  3. Bidyut Behari Swain
  4. Sanjay Verma

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Correct Answer: Sanjay Verma

Shri Sanjay Verma, a member of the Indian Foreign Service since 1990, has been sworn in as a Member of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). His extensive career includes ambassadorial roles in Spain and Andorra, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and the African Union. He brings a wealth of experience in international relations and diplomacy to his new role at the UPSC.

10. Preeti Rajak has become the first woman to be selected for the post of the Indian Army?

  1. Subedar
  2. Lieutenant
  3. Colonel
  4. Brigadier

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Correct Answer: Subedar

Havildar Preeti Rajak achieved the historic milestone of becoming the first woman to attain the rank of Subedar in the Indian Army. She is renowned for her prowess in trap shooting, earning a silver medal in the trap women’s team event at the 19th Asian Games. Subedar Rajak’s promotion highlights the Indian Army’s commitment to meritocracy and equal opportunities, inspiring women nationwide.

Daily Current Affairs – 3 February 2024 (Notes)

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