France Leads the Way with Digital Schengen Visas in the EU

Big news! Since the start of 2024, France is the first country in the European Union to hand out Digital Schengen visas. This is just the beginning – by 2026, the whole process will be digital. Why? Well, France is getting ready for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games in Paris (happening from July 26 to August 11 and August 28 to September 8). They’re planning to give out about 70,000 digital visas, but not everyone can get one.

Who Gets the Fancy Digital Visa?

If you’re part of the Olympic and Paralympic Family and applying through your group, you’re in luck. This includes people like members of the International Olympic Committee, Paralympic Committee, international federations, and national committees. Also, if you’re involved with the Olympic Games organizing committee, national associations, athletes, judges, coaches, sports technicians, medical staff, accredited journalists, senior executives, donors, or patrons – you’re in the club. 

The process is super easy for them. No waiting for appointments, no collecting papers, and no paying the regular visa fees. They just need to show up at the visa center on time, with their passport and the accreditation certificate from the OCOG.

Special Guests Get a Pass Too

Other VIP guests invited by the Olympic or Paralympic Committee can also get the digital visa. If you got an invitation to the games, all you have to do is fill out a visa application on the France-Visas website and gather the listed documents. Oh, and a letter of invitation from the OCOG is needed too. Good news – no fees for this group either. Both groups need to give their fingerprints and photos at the visa center, according to VisaGuide.

But, Sorry Spectators…

If you’re just a spectator and want to catch the games, you’ll have to stick with the regular Schengen Visa. Entire article revamped – it looks nothing like the original, and I’ve added suitable headings.

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