Today’s Current Affairs MCQs/ GK Quiz 5th January 2024

1. What is the upgraded rating of PNB Housing Finance Limited’s non-convertible debentures (NCDs) according to India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra)?

  1. IND A
  2. IND AA
  3. IND AA+
  4. IND AAA

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Correct Answer: IND AA+

India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) raised the rating to ‘IND AA+’ from ‘IND AA’ with a stable outlook.

2. How much are the initial investment agreements finalized by the Gujarat Government ahead of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit valued at?

  1. $674 billion
  2. $7.17 trillion
  3. $86 million
  4. $86.07 billion

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Correct Answer: $86.07 billion

The agreements are worth $86.07 billion, equivalent to 7.17 trillion Indian rupees.

3. Who assumes the role of the official spokesperson at the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) following Arindam Bagchi’s appointment as India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations?

  1. Arindam Bagchi
  2. Gautam Adani
  3. Randhir Jaiswal
  4. Prof B R Kamboj

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Correct Answer: Randhir Jaiswal

Randhir Jaiswal takes over as the official spokesperson from Arindam Bagchi.

4. For what notable contributions did Prof B.R. Kamboj receive the M.S. Swaminathan Award?

  1. Astrophysics
  2. Literature
  3. Agronomy
  4. Economics

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Correct Answer: Agronomy

Prof B.R. Kamboj received the M.S. Swaminathan Award for his remarkable contributions as a scientist and extension specialist in agronomy.

5. Where did Beatrice Chebet set the new 5 km marathon world record, breaking the previous record by six seconds?

  1. New York
  2. Barcelona
  3. Paris
  4. Tokyo

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Correct Answer: Barcelona’

Beatrice Chebet set the record in Barcelona at the Cursa dels Nassos.

6. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director of Adani Ports, succeeding Gautam Adani?

  1. Ashwani Gupta
  2. Karan Adani
  3. Randhir Jaiswal
  4. Arindam Bagchi

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Correct Answer: Karan Adani

Karan Adani has been appointed as the Managing Director.

7. What is the primary focus of the “Olympic Consulate” system launched by France for the 2024 Paris Olympics?

  1. Visa Exclusivity
  2. Digital Schengen Visas
  3. Journalist Accreditation
  4. Delegation Registration

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Correct Answer: Digital Schengen Visas

The primary focus of the “Olympic Consulate” system is to introduce fully digital Schengen visas for the 2024 Paris Olympics, streamlining the application process for athletes, journalists, and foreign delegations.

8. Which Indian state is preparing to host the FIH Hockey5s World Cup Qualifiers just before the Summer Olympics in Paris 2024?

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Gujarat
  4. Haryana

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Correct Answer: Gujarat

The Indian state hosting the FIH Hockey5s World Cup Qualifiers is Gujarat, strategically scheduled just ahead of the Summer Olympics in Paris in 2024.

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