Prehistoric India GK MCQs With Answer & Explanation in English

71. The maximum paintings have been found at which rock cave shelter in India?

  1. Bhimbetka
  2. Adamgarh
  3. Ghagharia
  4. Lakhania

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Correct Answer: Bhimbetka

Bhimbetka’s Abundance of Rock Paintings: Bhimbetka is known for the sheer quantity of prehistoric rock paintings it houses. The site boasts a large number of rock cave shelters adorned with extensive rock art. This abundance of paintings makes Bhimbetka one of the richest sites in terms of the sheer quantity of prehistoric artworks. These paintings offer a visual window into the past, showcasing the artistic tastes and themes prevalent during the Mesolithic period.

72. The evidence of human burial have been discovered from?

  1. Dhanuhi
  2. Ghagharia
  3. Morhana
  4. Lekhania cave shelter

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Correct Answer: Ghagharia

Evidence of Human Burial at Ghagaria: The statement mentions that evidence of human burial has been discovered at Ghagaria. However, specific details about Ghagaria and the nature of this evidence are not provided in the statement. Discoveries related to human burial practices often yield insights into the cultural and religious beliefs of ancient societies.

73. In which of the following places is the earliest evidence of human existence in India found?

  1. Narmada Valley
  2. Himalayas
  3. Siwalik Hills
  4. Nilgiris

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Correct Answer: Siwalik Hills

Earliest Evidence of Human Existence in the Narmada Valley: The Narmada Valley in India has yielded significant archaeological evidence related to the early presence of humans in the subcontinent. Stone tools and other artifacts discovered in this region provide insights into the activities and lifestyles of early human populations.

74.The rock paintings found at Bhimbetka generally belong to which of the following periods?

  1. Neolithic
  2. Chalcolithic
  3. Paleolithic
  4. Mesolithic

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Correct Answer: Mesolithic

Bhimbetka’s Mesolithic Rock Paintings: Bhimbetka, located near Bhopal, is known for its rock paintings that predominantly belong to the Mesolithic period. These paintings offer glimpses into the artistic preferences and cultural expressions of the people living during that time. They provide a valuable record of the visual artistry and symbolism of ancient communities.

75. Who among the following is known as the father of Indian archaeology?

  1. Robert Seawell
  2. John Marshall
  3. Colonel Mackenzie
  4. Alexander Cunningham

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Correct Answer: Alexander Cunningham

Alexander Cunningham and Indian Archaeology: Alexander Cunningham is widely recognized as the “father of Indian archaeology.” He served as the first Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Cunningham played a pivotal role in the systematic study, preservation, and documentation of India’s rich archaeological heritage, contributing significantly to the field of Indian archaeology.

76. The first animal to be domesticated by the stone Age people was-

  1. Horse
  2. Sheep
  3. Ass
  4. Dog

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Correct Answer: Dog

The first animal to be domesticated by Stone Age people was the dog (option b). Dogs were likely the first animals to be domesticated by early humans due to their utility in hunting, guarding, and companionship.

77. By which period the evidence of human skelton was evident in India ?

  1. Chalco-lithic period
  2. Neolithic period
  3. Paleolithic period
  4. Mesolithic period

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Correct Answer: Mesolithic period

Evidence of Human Skeletons in the Mesolithic Period: The Mesolithic period in India represents a phase in prehistory where the archaeological record begins to reveal evidence of human burials and skeletal remains. This marks an important development in mortuary practices, suggesting that ancient communities during this time began to engage in deliberate burial rituals. The presence of human skeletons provides valuable insights into the social and cultural aspects of these Mesolithic societies.

78. The mesolithic archaeological sites of which region is known as “Teri’ sites?

  1. Jharkhand
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Bihar

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Correct Answer: Tamil Nadu

“Teri” Sites in Tamil Nadu: The Mesolithic archaeological sites in Tamil Nadu are commonly referred to as “Teri” sites. These sites have yielded significant archaeological findings related to the Mesolithic period. The artifacts discovered at Teri sites, including microliths and other items, contribute to our understanding of the cultural history of Tamil Nadu during this era. The term “Teri” is associated with these archaeological sites and highlights their importance in the study of the region’s prehistoric past.

79. Man shifted from food-gathering to food-producing in which period?

  1. Neolithic Age
  2. Chalco-lithic Age
  3. Paleolithic Age
  4. Mesolithic Age

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Correct Answer: Neolithic Age

Transition from Food-Gathering to Food-Producing in the Neolithic Age: The Neolithic Age represents a pivotal phase in human history characterized by a transition from food-gathering to food-producing. During this period, early human societies began to practice agriculture and cultivate crops. This shift from hunting, gathering, and foraging for food to the deliberate cultivation of crops marked a significant advancement in human subsistence strategies, leading to settled communities and increased food security.

80. Where was the earliest evidence of agriculture found in Indian subcontinent??

  1. Mehargarh
  2. Burzahom
  3. Brahmagiri
  4. Chirandmida

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Correct Answer: Mehargarh

Early Evidence of Agriculture at Mehargarh: Mehargarh, located in what is now Pakistan, holds the distinction of providing some of the earliest archaeological evidence of agriculture in the Indian subcontinent. The site has revealed remnants of early agricultural practices, including the cultivation of crops such as wheat and barley. This evidence underscores the agricultural innovation that began to shape the way of life in this region during the Neolithic period.

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